Brooke Powell '18

Major: History/English
Hometown: Akron, Ohio

Minors: Gender Studies and Psychology
Member of Calliope and Agora Literary Magazines, English Society, Kappa Phi, the Women’s Academic Diversity Theme House, the Women’s History Month Committee Honors Program, Alpha Lambda Delta and Sigma Tau Delta.

Future curator

Road to Mount Union
A few of my cousins attended Mount Union before me, so I heard a lot about the University from my family whenever we saw one another. They always talked about how much they loved their college experiences, so I learned a lot about the school long before I ever even visited campus. Outside of that, I remember talking to representatives at my high school college fair during my junior and senior years. Out of all the colleges that attended, Mount Union always stood out to me as a university that I could really envision myself being a part of.

Visiting Mount Union
To be honest, I was terrified of going to college after graduating high school, but the second I first visited the university, I wasn’t afraid anymore. Mount immediately felt comfortable to me and I knew that this was a place that I would be able to call home. The faculty seemed to really care about the students, the campus was beautiful and safe, and everyone I met was genuinely kind. It felt like a very close-knit community that valued each person’s growth, and I knew that this was a place where I could be successful and happy. The cost of tuition was a major factor for choosing where I would go to college, so receiving the Trustee Scholarship had a huge impact on my decision to come to Mount Union. It helped to make school more affordable and gave me the chance to come to here—which is the best decision I could have made.

Feels Like Home
I think that the thing I love the most about Mount Union is that the campus has always felt like a home away from home to me. Whether I’m talking to a student or a member of the staff, I know that I can feel comfortable and find support when I need it; it’s like I have a second family here. Because it is a smaller university, the classes feel more personal and there is a stronger sense of community that other schools can’t offer. Each person matters here and everyone encourages one another in a way that just makes you feel proud to be a part of a place like this.

Supportive Community 
Mount Union feels like a second home to me, and I think that’s my favorite thing about this campus. The students are all so supportive of one another and there is a strong sense of community that always makes me feel comfortable to be myself. In particular, the faculty and staff are amazing. Each of my professors not only helps me become a better scholar and student but also encourages me in everything I do, in and out of the classroom. I know that no matter what, I have a strong support system all around me. 

Encouraging People
The faculty at Mount Union are some of the most amazing and encouraging people that I’ve met, and they really set the campus apart from other schools. Every professor that I’ve had has been absolutely amazing, both in terms of teaching and in helping prepare me for life after graduation. The entire staff genuinely cares about the students here and works hard to see everyone succeed in and outside of academics.

Leave Your Comfort Zone
Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! Explore the different organizations on campus, talk to new people, take classes that interest you—you’ll be glad you decided to try something different. It’s the best way to make friends and find out something new about yourself.

My Love of Stories
For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved stories. Looking at the characters and their motivations, understanding the world that surrounds the tale, and seeing how events unfold has always interested me. My passion for literature and history came naturally from that, since both books and the past tell their own kind of stories. With my English and History majors, I get to experience stories in new ways and make new connections. I’m never bored because I’m always getting to do what I love the most.

Visiting The McKinley Museum  
Over the past few years, I’ve taken on a number of different learning opportunities and the one which stands out the most is being able to visit the McKinley Museum in my Museum Studies course. Taking learning beyond the classroom and into the field makes education a more immersive and intriguing experience, and I was given the chance to see firsthand how the methods and ideas from class are put into action. It makes what you learn more powerful when you can see how it is applied and the affect that it has on others.

Fell in Love with Psychology Too
When I first came to Mount, I knew that I was going to major in History and English. I’ve always had a preference for the humanities, but while I was taking my foundations courses, I found a love for psychology that I didn’t expect. Making analyses from a social sciences standpoint helped me look at literature and history from a new perspective, and it really helped to broaden my way of thinking. I enjoyed psychology so much that I wasn’t content with just taking the one class—I decided to make it a minor, too.

Favorite Course
It’s hard to pick a favorite class since I’ve loved so many, but I really enjoyed taking Museum Studies. Museums have always interested me, so it was an exciting experience to get an inside look at the behind-the-scene work that goes into creating exhibits. Since the class was taught by a curator, I was able to better understand what the profession entailed and how museums operated. Even now, I can’t go to a museum without remembering all of the things I learned.

Professor Who Inspires Me
I don’t know how I’m supposed to pick a favorite professor. Every professor that I’ve had has helped me become a better writer, a more eloquent speaker, and a more confident student, and they have all helped me to find what interests me the most. Dr. Thiele in particular has been a great professor and advisor, supporting me as I try to figure out what my future holds.

Blended Education
Liberal arts education makes you more well-rounded and makes it possible to examine questions from multiple perspectives, which, when combined with professional preparation, is essential for solving problems and being successful. No matter what the world may throw at you, you are able to handle it with the skills gained from the education and preparation. The Integrative Core has given me the chance to look at perspectives outside History and English that, when applied, gives me a more complete understanding of the subject. I’m able to use different research and analysis methods that allow me to create an interpretation unique to me, and I can pull ideas from different academic areas to form new and interesting ideas.

Ultimate Goal
Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out what my ultimate goal is. Right now, I think I would like to go to graduate school after leaving Mount Union—my parents joke that I’m going to end up as a professional student, but I really do enjoy taking classes. After that, I hope to work either in a museum or a library. I just want to be surrounded by as much literature and history as possible since those are the things that make me happiest.

Brooke Powell

Whether I’m talking to a student or a member of the staff, I know that I can feel comfortable and find support when I need it; it’s like I have a second family here.

Fun Facts

Where is your favorite travel destination?
I’ve never really traveled much, but I’d love to go really anywhere. Out of the places I’ve been to, I really love Washington D.C. the most. I have a big soft spot in my heart for all of the museums and historical locations in the area. It would be impossible for me to ever get tired of all the sights it has to offer!
What is your favorite quote/motto?
“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” – C.S. Lewis
What is your guilty pleasure TV show?
I really, really love HGTV. Property Brothers is probably my number one guilty pleasure on the channel but I can binge watch any house renovation show.
What did you want to be as a kid?
The dream was to be a ballerina-astronaut- fashion designer-artist-princess… all at the same time.
What is your favorite app?
To The Top!