Courtney Reese ’15

Major: Marketing
Hometown:Cleveland, Ohio

I chose to attend Mount Union because of the small class sizes and the one-on-one attention students receive from professors. At the University, you aren’t just a number. Professors really care about you and your progress in and outside of the classroom. They also are really approachable and personable.

Business Administration Careers

More and more in today’s society, employers are looking for graduates who can effectively communicate, analyze critically and work in a team environment, skills developed through any number of majors in Mount Union’s liberal-arts-grounded curriculum.  However, a foundation in business-related principles is certainly an asset in our corporate world, and can provide an edge as you seek employment after graduation.

According to Bloomsberg Business Week, there is a growing trend on college and university campuses nationwide that is resulting in the development of business-related minors.  At Mount Union, we are a step ahead.  Our well-established and noted Department of Economics, Accounting and Business Administration offers a minor in businesss administration that is an exceptional complement to nearly any major. 

Whether you plan to pursue a career in science, education, the fine arts or health-related fields, consider pairing your major studies with a minor in business administration.  It may set you on a path toward owning your own business or open doors to careers in the corporate world that will enhance your opportunities down the road.

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