Please review the FAQs below for the details on this program. If you still have questions, please contact the IT Helpdesk, at; (330) 829-8726 or ext. 4357 (on campus).


Q. What should I look for in a device and what functionality should it have?

A. When selecting a new device, consider that it should last at least four years before needing replacement. Please find minimum specifications here.


Q. What devices will be acceptable?

A. A laptop or a tablet with keyboard (like a 2–in-1 device) are options for your personal device. Please see the minimum standards listed above. We recommend a device with a 10”-15” screen size.
NOTE: Google Chromebooks are not considered a laptop and should not be used as the students primary computing device. Chromebooks do not have a full operating system and may have limited support.


Q. Are smartphones considered acceptable devices? 

A. No. Smartphones are not practical as primary computing devices for the normal course of work students will encounter, but can be used as supplemental devices.


Q. How do I know if I should use or buy a MAC or a PC?

A. Mount Union supports both types of computers. The type of computer purchased should be whatever type the student feels most comfortable using. The faculty and staff utilize both types of computer platforms.


Q. Do the devices need to be new or can I use one my family or I already own?  

A. Devices may be either newly purchased or ones that you already own, as long as they meet the minimum specifications. A fresh install of the operating system may be recommended if utilizing a used device.


Q. Why do I need to bring my own computer? Did the campus remove the computer labs?

A. Computer labs currently exist on campus, but students are using them less and less. In a recent survey, it was discovered that the vast majority of Mount Union students are already bringing their own personal computers with them. University-owned computers will still be available in some departmental labs, such as those for Computer Science, Engineering, Foreign Language, and the Library, for the foreseeable future. Computers in public labs, such as the Hoover Price Campus Center Lab (HPCC) and Kolenbrander Harter Information Center (KHIC) 035 and other areas, will begin to be removed or reduced to allow for flexible classroom uses.


Q. Are printers available?

A. Printers will remain available on campus and can be accessed in the residence halls, Hoover Price Campus Center, Wellness Lab, and Kolenbrander Harter Information Center (KHIC). Our Environmental Print Policy gives students a print credit of $50 per year (equivalent of 500 black and white pages). After this allowance, additional credit may be added in $5 increments at the Business Office. Black and white prints are $0.05/page. Color prints are available in KHIC at $0.30/page.


Q. What software do I need to have installed? Can I get it for a reduced cost through Mount Union? 

A. Mount Union utilizes Office 365 that is compatible on both Windows and MAC operating systems. During Preview, new students will be instructed on how to access the system. Unless specifically recommended by a course professor, most software for specific majors will be available in our virtual lab environment. 
Current students can view these instructions on how to connect to our virtual lab with your device.


Q. I need to buy a new computer. Does the University offer any discount purchasing programs for students? 

 A. Mount Union does partner with Dell and Apple to offer computer discounts for our students. Once students have submitted their deposit, they will be given the log-in information to access this link. The University Store also offers computer hardware for sale.


Q. Can I use my financial aid to purchase a computer for school?

A. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at if you want to use Parent PLUS loan or private loan funds to help reimburse you for the purchase of a computer.       


Q. Can Mount assist me with anti-virus software?

A. It is required that students have anti-virus software. The Office of Information Technology provides Symantec Endpoint Protection for all students free of charge.


Q. What if my computer breaks and requires support? Can I get it on campus?

A. It is recommended that students carry a manufacturer’s warranty on each device. Questions can be directed to the Information Technology Helpdesk, located the right of the circulation desk in the Kolenbrander Harter Information Center. The Helpdesk is available to answer questions about computers or other technology questions that students may have.

On Campus Phone: x4357 (HELP)
Off Campus Phone: (330) 829.8726

The Helpdesk will do its best to assist students based on an initial evaluation and will provide support on all network and Internet connectivity issues for all devices, as well as assist with the scanning and removal of all viruses. The IT Helpdesk will also reload a Windows operating system in the event that it has been overcome by malware (provided it can get the original operating system software).

If the Helpdesk cannot assist, and the computer needs more attention than basic troubleshooting measures, the Helpdesk will share the names and contact information of local entities who may be able to provide assistance. The cost of any outside assistance that is required will be paid for by the student.

Please note that students are responsible for all file backups. It is our recommendations that files are stored within a student’s H:\drive space or 1TB Microsoft OneDrive.


Q. Do I need to purchase a hotspot to ensure I have internet access everywhere I go? 

A. No. The Mount Union campus offers free Wi-Fi access in all buildings, including student housing.


Q. Will the rule change cause current students to need a personal computer before they graduate?

A. The rule only applies to those enrolling beginning Fall 2018 and beyond. All currently enrolled students are encouraged to have a personal computer to complete academic assignments, but it is not required.


Q. What is the expectation for charging equipment?

A. You should begin a routine of charging devices overnight to ensure a full charge. Of course, the devices may also be charged during the day as long as you have your power cord adapter with you.




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  • Students should install virus protection software. Mount offers virus protection free of charge for all students. Please contact the IT Helpdesk at for more information on antivirus. 





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