Cassy Roseman '18

Major: Nursing
Hometown: Massillon, Ohio

Member of Alpha Chi Omega, Student Nursing Organization and Greek Member Academy 

Future CRNA

Choosing Mount Union
I heard about Mount Union through my best friend who is a year older than me here. She said she thought I would love this school and after I went on a summer visit I knew that she was completely right. I chose Mount Union because it has such a high reputation for academic success as well as job placement post grad. That was something I found very important when choosing where I wanted to attend. I also heard about the brand new direct entry Nursing program and knew that would be such a great opportunity for me.

A Community Like “Home”
I love the small class sizes and caring professors that Mount Union has. Over the past three years, I have met so many amazing professors who truly care about my success and taking time out of their personal lives to ensure that I am getting the most out of my classes. It shows how dedicated they are about their students and their success, not many students are as lucky as we are here. Mount Union has such a great community atmosphere and between the amazing professors, staff members and students you can’t help but feel like Mount is your second home. I refer to Mount Union as “home” so many times without even realizing it. 

Sisters and the “Raider Family”
Joining Alpha Chi Omega was definitely the best thing that helped me adjust to college the most. This group of women made me feel so welcomed and accepted in such a short amount of time. I have gained so many role models and mentors over the past three years in Alpha Chi and I would not be who I am today without them. I think Mount Union is unique because we care so much about each other and have such a strong bond. The term “Raider Family” is completely accurate because you don’t just become a student of Mount Union; you join part of a family.

Advice to Future Raiders
I would have to say give it a chance; so many people don’t give private schools the attention they deserve. Do a campus visit but also do an overnight visit as well, sit in on classes and get the feel for how great it really is here.

Challenging Major
I chose nursing as my major because I am so passionate about helping others and I think the medical field is so fascinating. I have had so many job opportunities offered to me through the Mount Union nursing program as well as being able to participate in many extra simulation practices in our lab. My favorite opportunity would have to be when a group of Junior Nursing students and I got to do a simulate birthing a baby on our new mannequin for a woman and her husband who are donors to the campus.

Favorite Class
My favorite class would have to be Med Surg. I am currently taking this class and it entails learning about all of the basic diseases and complications throughout the entire human body. I personally find the human body so fascinating and to learn about how things go wrong and what we can do to make people better is very interesting to me. I have a really amazing professor who pushes us out of our comfort zone for this class as well. I enjoy the challenge the course gives me and being able to put what we learn in the classroom into real life during our clinical rotations.

Favorite Professor
Although every single nursing professor here is amazing, Professor Andrea Corbisello is one of my favorite professors. I had her for my first clinical last semester and she helped me gain confidence in my skills as a nurse so much. She cares so much about each and every one of her students and puts so much time into making sure that we are doing okay in and outside of class. She is someone I feel that I can go to at anytime for extra study tips. She emphasized the basics of nursing skills so much last year and she has made it possible for me to be confident in my every day work with my patients. As a professor, her job is to make sure that we know the information she is teaching us but she goes above and beyond that expectation every single day. I don’t think a single student could argue that either. 

Ultimate Goal
My ultimate career goal is to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist at a major hospital like the Cleveland Clinic. A CRNA is the person who puts you to sleep before surgery as well as administering epidurals to women during labor. Mount Union has given me great networking opportunities to ensure that I can reach my dream job one day. Our clinicals also are a huge help in achieving my goal because the staff at the hospitals we are doing our rotations at will remember and even recommend you if they know that you would be a strong addition to their unit after we graduate.

Cassy Roseman

The term 'Raider Family' is completely accurate because you don’t just become a student of Mount Union; you join part of a family.

Fun Facts

Where is your favorite travel destination?
Aspen, Colorado! I went there last winter and learned to ski and now I am obsessed!
What is your favorite holiday?
My favorite holiday has to be Christmas because it is one of the only times that my entire family is able to get together. I really enjoy all of our holiday traditions I have with my family and of course the food.
What is your guilty pleasure movie?
The Notebook is my favorite guilty pleasure movie. It is perfect whether I am feeling happy, sad or sappy.
What three songs describe your music tastes?
Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus, Blue Ain’t Your Color by Keith Urban, and Bacon by Nick Jonas
What is your favorite app?
To The Top!