Chad Kimmel '06

Pittsburgh, PAChad Kimmel
Graduate Student, University of Pittsburgh


B.S., Computer Science, University of Mount Union, 2006
M.S., Bioinformatics, University of Pittsburgh, 2008
Ph.D., Bioinformatics, University of Pittsburgh, 2011 (anticipated)

What have you been doing since you graduated from Mount Union?

Since graduation, I’ve earned a master of science degree in bioinformatics from the University of Pittsburgh. I’m currently pursuing a doctoral degree in bioinformatics there as well, and working on my dissertation.

What are some of your research interests?

One of the true beauties of being in bioinformatics is the wide variety of research one can conduct.  As it is, my research is incredibly varied.  My research interests are twofold, and are primarily cancer-related. I’m working on the integration of biological knowledge and information for use in specific targeted therapies for cancer as well as working with the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute to discover the molecular mechanisms behind ATRA based differentiation in the presence of SRC inhibitors.

How did your Mount Union education play a role in your career path?

Since my field is a hybrid of many science fields, a strong undergraduate experience is crucial.  I took many biology, computer science and math courses, and these courses have helped me tremendously. What I really like about Mount Union is that professors can focus more on teaching than on research. At bigger research institutions, professors worry about writing their own grants and their graduate students, which leads to less time to focus on undergraduate students. This doesn't happen at Mount Union.  

Are there any professors of staff members at Mount Union who made an impact on your career path or life in general? If so, who and how?

I would say that computer science professors Blase Cindric and Dr. Kenneth Weber. They were very helpful to me, and both wrote excellent letters of recommendation for me when I was applying to graduate schools. Their classes really laid the foundation that I needed to excel in graduate school.

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