Dr. Scott Mason

Dr. Scott Mason

Teaching Area(s): Chemistry

Bracy has been a blessing to all of the science programs. To have a state-of-the-art building that also looks so nice is just amazing.

Hands-On Learning

Students who choose to major in chemistry or biochemistry at Mount Union have ample opportunities to get “real-world” experience outside of the classroom. By getting involved in extracurricular opportunities and student organizations, you can strengthen your skills and knowledge in chemistry and biochemistry, both of which are critical to career success.

Nursing Students Teaching Youth

Teaching Chemistry to Alliance Youth
Freshman students in Dr. Sheryl Mason's Organic and Biochemistry for Nursing class are given the opportunity to teach higher-level scientific principles to elementary students using engaging experiments. Presentations included "Crush the Can", "Growling Gummy Bear" and "Glow-germ Lotion", among others.

American Chemical Society is a student-led organization on Mount Union’s campus.

Alembroic Society is a chemistry honor society at Mount Union.

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