Chinese Experiential Learning

Students who choose to minor in Chinese at the Unversity of Mount Union have ample opportunities to get “real-world” experience outside of the classroom. By getting involved in extracurricular opportunities and student organizations, you can strengthen your proficiency in Chinese language and culture, both of which are critical to career success.

Experiential Learning

Hands-on learning opportunities as a Chinese minor at Mount Union will give you many chances to put classroom knowledge to work. These opportunities include:

  • Study abroad experience
  • Independent research
  • Research with faculty or student peers

Student Organizations

Alpha Mu Gamma is a national foreign language honorary.

Chinese Club is a student-led organization on campus that seeks to organize and promote the study of the Chinese Language and activities at Mount Union. The organization seeks to foster a sense of community among all students studying or interested in the Chinese language or culture.

Association of International Students is a student-led organization on Mount Union’s campus that works with international and domestic students alike to create community on campus for people of all cultures and nationalities. AIS's goal is to build friendships at Mount that will eventaully lead to the building of internation understanding and cooperation. AIS's most well-known event is the annual International Dinner were students have the opportunity to share culture through cultural food and performances for both the campus and local community.

Study Abroad Club is a student-led organization on campus that seeks to provide a community to those who have studied abroad through sharing cultural experiences and also wish to continue an interest in international education. The group holds meetings with current students that are alumni of study abroad on a regular basis, and shows students how to market the skills and personal development they have obtained through study abroad.

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