Roxanne Hoch ’15

Major: International Studies
Hometown:Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

While taking Elementary Chinese, I had the opportunity to practice traditional Chinese calligraphy. This was my absolute favorite part of class because it shows that there is not only a difference in the way words are written (characters versus letters), but also a difference in the method of how the language is written.

Chinese Minor Requirements

The requirements listed below reflect Mount Union’s new curriculum for the 2012-2013 Academic Year.  For information regarding major or minor requirements for current students, please refer to the University Catalogue of your entering year.

Requirements for a Minor in Chinese

The minor in Chinese consists of 16 or 20 semester hours of study in the target language, depending on the student’s point of entry into the program. Students who have passed the Mount Union proficiency test are required to complete 16 semester hours.  Those who have not passed the University of Mount Union proficiency test must complete 20 semester hours.  No more than 4 semester hours of departmental credit for courses taught in English may count toward the minor.

Course Options

  • Elementary Chinese I
  • Elementary Chinese II
  • Intermediate Chinese I
  • Intermediate Chinese II
  • Chinese Film
  • Travel Seminar
  • The Peoples and Cultures of Contemporary Chin

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