Chris Motley '15

Major: Sport Business
Job Title: Account Executive

Minor: Leadership

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Employer: New York City Football Club

I am responsible for corporate account acquisition for all hospitality inventory and directly impact the growth and expansion of our customer base. I work within the ticketing department to achieve customer satisfaction, revenue generation, and long-term account goals that are in line with the company’s overall objectives.  


Meeting Mount Union
When I was a sophomore in high school I played a preseason tournament at Mount Union College at the time. After the tournament I looked at my mom and told her I was never going to go to that college. Fast forward two years and I was a senior in high school, deciding on where I wanted to play soccer for college. I felt that most of the college coaches felt fake and I wanted to get an education more than continue my playing career. That was why a division III school appealed to me more. The former coach of Mount Union wrote me a five-page letter telling me that I should go on a visit to the campus. I went to the visit and I was hooked.

Caring Leaders
What makes Mount Union different for me is the people. Unless you just played our football team, If you go to Mount Union, you will normally leave with a smile. People genuinely care about you at Mount Union from the students to the faculty. Kate Carnell and Renee Young were not my professors, but they helped me with any obstacle I had while at school. They just cared about helping me succeed but I know they would do it for anyone that would accept it.

Favorite Professor
My favorite professor was Lori Braa. Dr Braa was my first Sport Business professor at Mount Union second semester of my freshman year. It was Dr. Braa’s first year at Mount Union and we had an instant connection. She said she always saw something in me continuously during my four years and she know I would be successful in the sports industry. If it was not for Dr. Braa help guiding me through my four years at Mount Union I am 100% sure I would not be where I am today. I am forever grateful for everything she has done for me.

I had three internships while I attended Mount Union. My first internship was as a Box Office Intern for the Lake County Captains (Single-AAA Affiliate with the Cleveland Indians). My typical game day was working the box office call ticket window, stuffing envelopes for groups, organizing the birthday parties, being the mascot for the 6th inning run around the warning track, working the 50/50 raffle table and, if it was raining, being ready to put the tarp on the diamond. That was a truly impactful internship for me because I got a very valuable understanding of the industry – you do everything when you work minor league sports and you have be able to wear multiple hats. I received the internship at the Cleveland Cavaliers Job Fair. This internship helped me eventually get my next internship with the Canton Charge as a Night Sales intern and Seasonal Ticket Sales Associate with the Cleveland Gladiaters.

On Campus Involvement
While at Mount Union I played soccer for the men’s team and intramural sports. I was a member of the Black Student Union and Sports Business Association. I also was a weekly contributor to Raiderzone Weekly on 91.1 WRMU, it was the greatest staffed radio program in Mount Union History.

Value of Liberal Arts
Mount Union education in the liberal arts taught me that you can’t pigeon hole yourself. The world is always changing and everyone has different views on the same things. I found that it is important to take what knowledge you can from anyone and how you can incorporate what you learned to what you are passionate about. Mount Union helped me become more well-rounded as a seller because I consistently read about things that interest me outside of sports. It helps me better build relationships with my prospects because I have more opportunities to connect with them.

Staying Connected
I stay connected with other Mount Union alum’s the old-fashion way – phone call. I typically try to call one or two people a night during the week. Most people text or message on Facebook, but I feel that talking to someone on the phone is the best way to get the “bang for your buck” when connecting with someone.

Future Goals
To work outside of the United States for over a year. I have always been a fan of soccer. I also want to travel more. It would truly be surreal for me to live somewhere outside of the country because I have never been outside of the United States in my life.

Spreading the Love of Sports
What I like most about my job is growing the sport I love in America. I am passionate in the fact that soccer is a sport that can bring people together from all cultures. With my job I get to work soccer events all over the greater New York area and spread the beautiful game.

Post-It Note Advice
The best advice I received from a mentor was from Adam Vogel. The advice came in the form of a blank yellow post-it note. Adam told me it was “my golden ticket.” Adam told me I had all the potential in the world but I needed to start believing in myself more. The golden ticket serves as my inspiration to believe in myself day-to-day. Whenever I start to doubt myself I take a look at my golden ticket. I keep the same blank yellow post-it note on my desk 14 months later at a different job.

Chris Motley

What makes Mount Union different for me is the people. Unless you just played our football team, If you go to Mount Union, you will normally leave with a smile.

Fun Facts

Favorite Book?
"Three Feet from Gold" by Greg S . Reid and Sharon Lechter
If you could have lunch with anyone, who would you choose and why?
Bill Simmons because I have listened to so many of his podcasts I feel like I have a distant connection with him.
If you could try any job for a day, what would it be and why?
NFL General Manager during draft day because it would be awesome having a fantasy football draft in real life.
What's the #1 most played song on your iTunes?
"Ultralight Beam" by Kanye West and Chance the Rapper
What's your perfect sandwich?
Philly cheesesteak with bacon and french fries.
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