Christopher Saffici Publishes Self-Help Book

April 05, 2010

Christopher L. Saffici, assistant professor of human performance and sport management at Mount Union College has published a book on making positive changes and securing personal success entitled Who's in Charge Around Here?: Taking Control of Your Life and Making Positive Changes.

This book helps readers assess where they are in life and offers strategies for planning how to get where they really want to be. Through its action-oriented formulas and positive, proactive techniques, the book helps readers develop strong decision-making skills, learn how to deal with fears, change and uncertainty and realize dreams of a better life.

Saffici combines personal experience and wisdom from other sources to teach readers to think more positively, overcome negativity and lead successful lives through discovering weaknesses as well as personal values and passions.

"I have repeatedly seen students and professionals get themselves to a point of inaction.' said Saffici. 'I, too, struggled to 'find myself' and my inner motivation. After much searching, I discovered that what really satisfies me is helping people discover their passions and to work with them to discover their path.

'This book was a culmination of years of information gathering and research about what techniques work to help people get 'unstuck'."

Saffici earned a bachelor of arts degree in history from Rutgers University and master of education and doctor of education degrees from the University of Houston.

Who's in Charge Around Here? is available through the Mount Union College bookstore and at

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