Dr. Helen Muga, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering

Dr. Helen Muga

Teaching Area(s): Civil Engineering

One of my research projects this past summer was looking at a greywater treatment system for a site in Costa Rica. The project has gone from a summer assignment to a course project for my environmental engineering class this semester. 

Civil Engineering Communication Skills

Historically, engineering programs have prioritized technical skills over communication skills, but today, the engineering profession is calling for future engineers who are well-rounded college graduates. The demand for engineers with strong written and oral communication skills is strong, and there is no doubt that graduates of programs who make such competencies a priority are better prepared for professional success.

With a strong foundation in the liberal arts, Mount Union is uniquely positioned to offer its students the best of both worlds – the technical know-how developed through classroom learning and hands-on experience and strong communication skills that will meet the demands of today’s employers. They are truly prepared to communicate effectively with customers, clients, project partners and other stakeholders, giving them a professional edge upon graduation.

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