Dr. Osama Jadaan

Teaching Area(s): Engineering

On Mount Union’s campus, the engineering faculty and I are collaborating to create a civil and mechanical engineering curricula geared for the future that addresses industrial needs. Our engineering curricula emphasizes two main things that industry wants: hands-on education and the ability to communicate effectively.

Civil Engineering Internships

The University of Mount Union’s Civil Engineering Program was designed with a strong focus in hands-on, experiential learning. Internships are an integral part of preparing engineering students for the real world.

Civil engineering internships allow students:

  • To experience the dynamics of implementing the on-time deliverables of a civil engineering project for an actual company
  • A deeper understanding of what they are learning in the classroom
  • A unique and beneficial opportunity to network with working engineers and managers in their field of interest

The University of Mount Union’s civil engineering faculty have strong, professional relationships with industrial contacts and is often able to help students locate internship opportunities. Also, Mount Union’s Engineering Advisory Board, a network of advising engineers and leaders, will assist in finding internship opportunities.

Last academic year, 100% of our upper-class civil engineering students were able to find internship experiences. Mount Union’s civil engineering students have been able to benefit from interning with highly successful companies and government agencies, such as ODOT and E-Crane.

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