Clark ’15 and Clemence ’14 Give Advice for Future Entrepreneurs

November 07, 2017

ALLIANCE, Ohio – On October 30, the University of Mount Union’s entrepreneurship program welcomed Wade Clark ’15 and Josh Clemence ’14, founders of Bumble Media. Their lecture, sponsored by the Burton D. Morgan Foundation, focused on five tips for entrepreneurs in college. 

Clark and Clemence started Bumble Media, a video production company, while attending the University of Mount Union. Both were entrepreneurship minors. Their tips for students included finding your team, believing there is no such thing as failure, getting out the door, monetizing your idea, and doing what you love. 

“During the talk, passion was in everything they said and every move they made. The audience could tell that they both were living their dream,” said Mike Kachilla, assistant professor of management and director of entrepreneurship initiatives.

They discussed the importance of meeting future customers, other professionals, and potential investors early on. They recommended creating the “MVP,” or minimum viable product, and then having customers help design the final product or service. 

Alyssa Adams '20, sophomore neuroscience major, commented, “Josh and Wade showed our class that it is possible to succeed with a start-up while also being a full time student. The advice they gave us was so genuine and applicable for the situation we're in as students.”

They told students that goal-setting, especially for financial goals, is vital for businesses to survive, no matter how small the business. Clark and Clemence iterated that entrepreneurs need to learn their worth and not to underestimate their value even while in college. 

“Josh and Wade have built their business from the ground up. They show how successful you can be by just setting a goal and taking action on it. They are great examples to anyone who wants to start their own business and be a success in a very competitive ‘real world’ environment,” said Ron Crowl, adjunct professor and associate vice president for planning and program implementation at Mount Union. 

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