Class Use


BI 127 The Environment: An Interdisciplinary Approach

An introductory course to environmental science for non-science major students. Three class hours and one three-hour lab per week. Students have used Nature Center's forests and creek to study ecological succession and stream macroinvertebrates during the lab.

BI 203 Introduction to Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

This is one of three-course core that serves as the foundation for biology and environmental biology majors. Three class hours and one three-hour lab per week. As part of the lab, students use Nature Center settings to study components of terrestrial ecosystems and bird behavior (link to data).

BI 220 Ecology

An introductory course that introduce students to the ecological factors affecting the abundance and distribution of animals and plants. Students use Nature Center forests to study local fauna and flora.

BI 425E Senior Culminating Experience

This two-semester course is designed to teach biology and environmental biology major students how to do research. Several students have used Nature Center as their research site.


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