Courtney Reese ’15

Major: Marketing
Hometown:Cleveland, Ohio

I chose to attend Mount Union because of the small class sizes and the one-on-one attention students receive from professors. At the University, you aren’t just a number. Professors really care about you and your progress in and outside of the classroom. They also are really approachable and personable.

Collection Locations

000-369 Third Floor, New Building
370-379 Third Floor, Old Building
380-779 Third Floor, New Building
780-920 F’s Mezzanine, New Building
920 G’s – 999 Second Floor, Old Building
Curriculum Resources Third Floor, Old Building
Folios Second Floor, Old Building
Historical Collection Third Floor, Old Building
New Books/Bestsellers First Floor, Old Building
Older Reference Indexes Basement, Old Building
Oversize Basement – compact shelving, Old Building
Rare Books Second Floor, Old Building
Reference  Second Floor, Old Building
A-Z (paper) Basement – compact shelving, Old Building
A-Z (microfilm) Basement, Old Building
1800s – 1999 Basement Storage
2000 -  Basement, Old Building
Current issue Learning Commons
Older Issues Basement – compact shelving,  Old Building
1800’s – 2004 Off-Site Storage
2005 – 2014 Basement – compact shelving, Old Building
Current Year Learning Commons
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