Collection Locations

BOOKS                                          LOCATIONS

000-369                                         Third Floor, New Building

370-379                                         Third Floor, Old Building

380-779                                         Third Floor, New Building 

780-920 F’s                                    Mezzanine, New Building

920 G’s – 999                                Second Floor, Old Building

Bestsellers                                     Learning Commons

Curriculum Resources                     Third Floor, Old Building                                               

Folios                                            Second Floor, Old Building 

Historical Collection                       Third Floor, Old Building

New Books                                    First Floor, Old Building

Older Reference Indexes                 Basement, Old Building

Oversize                                        Basement – compact shelving, Old Building 

Rare Books                                    Second Floor, Old Building 

Reference                                      Second Floor, Old Building



A-X (paper)                                    Basement – compact shelving, Old Building

A-X (microfilm)                              Basement, Old Building



1800s – 1999                                Basement Storage

2000 -                                          Basement, Old Building

Dewey Decimal Classification          Basement microform file cabinets, Old Building



Current week                                  Learning Commons

Older Issues                                  Basement – compact shelving, Old Building



1800’s – 2004                                Off-Site Storage, Check with a Librarian for Access

2005 – 2016                                  Basement – compact shelving, Old Building

Current Year                                  Learning Commons

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