Dr. Jamie Capuzza Communication Studies

Dr. Jamie Capuzza

Teaching Area(s): Communication

I love any and all libraries. I’m such a nerd! But sometimes I’ll stand in the middle of the library and close my eyes for a minute contemplating all the work that went into creating and archiving all that human knowledge over so many years.


The Communication Studies Program is designed to help you become an effective communicator and critical consumer of messages, preparing you for life as an educated citizen and professional. This major will provide you with a general approach to the study of communication as a wide range of subjects and theoretical perspectives are studied, including public speaking, group, organizational and interpersonal communication, public relations, print production and design and writing for the media just to name a few.

Whether you aspire to become a journalist, carry out social media campaigns or produce film, the communication studies major will allow you to test out all that the field of communications has to offer.

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