Continued Learning Program at the University of Mount Union: Troll Hole Art Emporium

October 26, 2016

ALLINACE, Ohio – What started at the age of five as a gift has now transformed into a Guinness record holding phenomena. Troll Hole Art Emporium Owner Sherry Groom presented at the Continued Learning Program (CLP) on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 in the Alumni Room at the Hoover-Price Campus Center at the University of Mount Union.

Groom opened her presentation with the song, “I Can’t Stop This Feeling” by Justin Timberlake to help get the audience excited. She then started explaining characteristics of the fairytale trolls such as how they often live under bridges and seen as magical creatures. Broom believes that troll dolls embody the magical spirit of trolls and that is what makes them so special. She also explained how many fairytales such as “Hansel and Gretel” and “Jack and the Beanstalk” originally had trolls as their antagonists, but due to translation inaccuracies, the English versions portrayed the antagonists as a witch and a giant.

Next, Groom discussed the history of the troll doll figures. Thomas Dam from Denmark invented the dolls as a Christmas gift for his daughter due to financial issues. As his daughter played with the doll, other children began to want one, so he began to create and sell more dolls. As the dolls gained popularity, Dam got a copyright on them, but due to its faultiness, copycat companies came up and started selling similar designs. One company in particular began making Russ troll dolls, which became the most successful troll dolls in the market. The dolls made their way to the United States, specifically Wisconsin, and spread across the country.

Lastly, Groom talked DreamWorks Studio’s upcoming movie “Trolls” and her store. Groom’s store holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of trolls with 2,990 unique trolls on display, not including her memorabilia. Once she became a record holder, people began sending in their troll dolls for them to have a “good home” which has helped her collection grow. Groom then compared her store to DreamWorks Studios, as DreamWorks recently bought the rights for the troll doll. This is all for DreamWorks Studio’s upcoming movie “Trolls,” which has brought more attention to her store. She is about to unveil a “Trolls” exhibit in honor of the movie.

CLP sessions, which are all free and open to the public, feature a variety of presentations and current perspectives, as well as time for questions and discussion. For more information on upcoming events, contact Abby Honaker in the Ralph and Mary Regula Center for Public Service and Civic Engagement at (330) 829-8168 or

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