Roxanne Hoch ’15

Major: International Studies
Hometown:Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

While taking Elementary Chinese, I had the opportunity to practice traditional Chinese calligraphy. This was my absolute favorite part of class because it shows that there is not only a difference in the way words are written (characters versus letters), but also a difference in the method of how the language is written.

Counseling Sessions

DL Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling and DL Stafford Master Promissory Note

Student must file the FAFSA to be considered for this loan. The loan has a fixed rate of 4.5% (subsidized) and 6.8% (unsubsidized) as of July 1, 2010. Repayment for Federal DL Stafford Loans begins six months after graduation or at the point the student drops below six credit hours. Unsubsidized loans begin accruing interest from the first day of disbursement, while the accruing interest is paid on the borrower's behalf by the federal program for subsidized loans.

Complete DL Stafford Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note here.

Federal Perkins Entrance Counseling

Your FAFSA PIN is required to complete this process.  If you do not have a valid PIN, you must go to the Department of Education's PIN site at:

1. Log on to ECSI's website at Provide your Social Security Number, last name and date of birth.

2. Provide your PIN when requested on the Student Authentication Network page.

3. Most pages require that you accept the terms by checking a box at the bottom of those pages.

4. You must provide complete reference information for yourself, close relative and two additional references. Failure to complete all lines accurately will keep this loan from disbursing to your account.

5. PROMISSORY NOTE - Read completely.  Electronically sign at the bottom of the promissory note page.  The electronic signature includes a check off box plus your full legal name.


Federal TEACH Grant Information

  • Eligible students need to know their rights and responsibilities as a participant in the Federal TEACH Grant Program.
  • The TEACH Grant Program is available for undergraduate students accepted into the Education Program at Mount Union.
  • Click here for general information and instructions for completing the Initial and Subsequent Counseling and the Agreement to Serve.
  • Click here to complete Federal TEACH Grant Exit Counseling

Federal Perkins Loan Exit Counseling

To complete your Online Federal Perkins exit interview, go to

Click on the "Are You a Borrower" Tab.

Click "Login To My Account" and enter the following information:

  • School Code:  2G
  • Acct:  your SSN
  • PIN Number:  (Information is in your packet)
  • Click the "Exit Interview" Option
  • Click the "Pending Exit" link to begin the process

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