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Honors Programs and Eligibility

University Honors

The University Honors Curriculum fulfills a student’s Integrative Core requirements and includes a First Year Seminar, three Honors Foundations courses plus an elective in the fourth Foundations area, an Honors Theme, which comprises one Honors theme course plus a Theme project to be completed in conjunction with an upper-level course of the student’s choosing, and an Honors Capstone. University Honors students must fulfill the university foreign language and mathematics proficiency requirements, as well as successfully complete a second-year WOC portfolio.

Summary of University Honors Curriculum

Honors General Education

  • First Year Seminar (first year)
  • 3 Honors Foundations (first and second years)
  • Elective in fourth Foundations area (first and second years)
  • Theme and Theme project (third year)
  • Capstone (fourth year)


The University Honors track will accept 40-48 incoming eligible freshmen each fall. Eligibility is limited to students with the following:

  • ACT score of at least 27 or SAT-1 score of at least 1220 (CR+M)
  • A minimum grade point average of 3.5 or a high school rank in the top 15 percent of their class
  • Permission of the Honors Review Board

Honors in the Major

The Honors in a Major Program offers the opportunity for intensive, individual study in a major.

Honors in a Major credit is earned by completing an honors project in a regular course. Although the nature of the honors work will vary, it should involve intellectual creativity and may take such forms as research, investigation, or artistic effort. The student initiates and plans the honors project and works closely with one or more faculty members in carrying it out. At the conclusion of the study, superior accomplishment should be demonstrated in some appropriate way. The honors project is done in addition to the normal course assignments, and does not directly affect the course grade. Students who choose to participate in the Honors in the Major track will take three honors courses (total of 12 credit hours) within their major field of study.


Students who would like to participate in Honors in the Major track do not have to participate in the University Honors track. In order to be accepted into Honors in the Major, students must hold a minimum GPA of 3.5 in the major, provide two letters of recommendation and a project proposal and complete an application.

Graduation Requirements

For graduation with Honors in a Major, a student must have at least a 3.50 grade point average in the major at graduation, and honors credit in at least three courses in the major that total at least 12 semester hours. One course may be at the 200 level and all other courses must be 300 level or above. Eligible courses may be further specified by the major department, as described in each departmental section of the College Catalogue.

Honors Thesis/Project

One of the courses taken for Honors in a Major may be an Honors Thesis/Project (All-College course 494), which is an independent study course in the major. The description of the course as given in the College Catalogue is:

494 Honors Thesis/Project: A research/project course designed to meet the needs of the individual student seeking honors in the major at graduation. Prerequisites: junior or senior standing, and approval of the instructor, the department chair, and the Honors Review Board. Credit variable, 3-6 Sem. Hrs. For permission to register for an Honors Thesis/Project, the student must submit a completed Honors Application and Registration Form by the end of the twelfth week of classes of the semester prior to doing the thesis.

Recognition at Graduation and on Transcript

Students who graduate with Honors in a Major each receive a red honors cord when they receive their diploma at commencement, and "Honors in _____" is printed after their name in the commencement program, the major being specified. Graduation with Honors in a Major is printed on the official grade transcript, along with the honors grade "H" preceding the grade in each course in which honors credit was earned.

Semester Calendar of Honors in the Major Due Dates

  • Week 3 - Proposals due for honors projects in a course for this semester
  • Week 5 - Response from Honors Review Board on course proposals due back to students
  • Week 12 - Proposals due for Honors Theses for next semester
  • Week 14 - Response from Honors Review Board on thesis proposals due back to students