Strategic Initiative

Create an effective and collaborative workplace culture



  • Establish benchmarks that define a quality-focused campus workplace culture.
  • Empower open, productive, accessible, and clear communication.
  • Build, communicate, and ensure compliance with trustworthy policies.
  • Create a workplace culture that embraces and supports adaptation to mandated and strategic change.
  • Improve employee morale by improving innovation, collaboration, and employee empowerment.
  • Improve and support faculty and staff diversity.

In any organization, people matter. No institution can be successful in the long run without employees who believe in its mission and understand their role in achieving it. Mount Union is committed to continuously improving campus culture to ensure that the institution remains nimble, relevant, and a good place to work and study in the years to come. With a solid understanding of our history and tradition and a keen awareness of future opportunities, the University’s faculty, administration, and staff will be positioned to play critical roles in its continued success.

From communication to policies and change management to innovation, the aspects that make up an effective and collaborative workplace environment are many. Campus culture is an extremely broad concept that touches on areas of work, study and research environments, leadership, and social interaction between peers and through different departments, employee classifications, and ranks in the institution. Thus, it is challenging to study and understand the myriad of issues that play into a healthy university culture.

As a first step, Mount Union will continue its efforts to study current and evolving issues of workplace satisfaction, including regular and planned deployments of the Quality Culture Explorer (QCE). Based on the results, appropriate steps will be taken to improve workplace culture.

The most recent administration of the QCE highlighted the need for improved internal communication. We must continue to enhance our understanding of the issues that exist with campus communication and develop a plan for improvement.  The development and communication of trustworthy policies will also aid in improving culture on campus. Steps will be taken to establish campus-wide procedures for creating, challenging, and changing policy, and the institution will commit to evaluating and improving communication and the consistency of policy enforcement. Faculty, administrators, and staff will also have opportunities to become better educated on policy development and implementation.

A commitment to improving innovation, collaboration, and employee empowerment will assist in the improvement of employee morale. Committee, working group, and taskforce membership and leadership will reflect the breadth of campus offices and departments. Ample opportunities for career development will further empower staff and supervisors.

All the while, the Mount Union community will be enriched by increased diversity. Efforts to enhance faculty, administrator, and staff diversity will be undertaken and proper support systems for these individuals will be a priority.



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