Jewel McColumn '17

Major: Criminal Justice and Sociology
Hometown:Geneva, NY

Everyone is friendly and is willing to help you. We all join together in the midst of a crisis, professors are willing to meet with you to aide in future assignments and answer questions you have, and many people…are always helping you to network/build connections and help make your overall experience at Mount Union unforgettable.

Crime Office

Housed in Tolerton and Hood Hall, the Criminal Justice program at the University of Mount Union now has a fully equipped investigative crime office for its students to use.  The goal of the office is to have a room devoted to furthering the experimental research of Criminal Justice majors at Mount Union. Some of the areas that students are able to practice include:

  • Fingerprinting Kits
  • Fingerprint Identification Keys
  • Ballistics Data and Reports 

Students are also able to examine and practice writing the various reports that they may be expected to complete when they move into their chosen professions.

Criminal Justice Crime Office

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