Morgan Cmunt

Morgan Cmunt '18

Major: Criminal Justice/Sociology
Hometown:Lordstown, Ohio

Come in with an open mind, open heart, and a love for the color purple.

Criminal Justice Learning Objectives

The criminal justice major at Mount Union provides students with a strong social science foundation. Not only does the mastery of the techniques of interdisciplinary inquiry help to develop well-rounded individuals, but it also builds great career potential. It allows individuals to make informed and objective choices when faced with life challenging conditions. Thus, not only are students prepared for life, but students will receive marketable skills necessary for obtaining future employment or acceptance into graduate programs.

The criminal justice system has developed into a major social institution in modern American society. Students find the subject matter of criminal justice interesting and the career opportunities abundant and diverse. The employment possibilities within the traditional police, courts and corrections areas are being expanded with opportunities in private business and government security. Career opportunities include government jobs, law enforcement, public safety, private security, corrections, criminology, criminal justice administration, social service program administration, secondary or college education, and compliance officer.

Opportunities such as internships and international security simulations will help prepare students for career success.

Criminal Justice Learning Objectives: 
Students will demonstrate effective. . .

  • Effective oral communication through the presentation of an academic research project in the major; 
  • Research design based on acceptable standards of the discipline;
  • Analysis which takes into account the interdisciplinary nature of the work in criminal justice;
  • Written communication as demonstrated in the senior culminating project paper;
  • Synthesis of disciplinary theory and perspectives into the research project.
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