Jewel McColumn '17

Major: Criminal Justice and Sociology
Hometown:Geneva, NY

Everyone is friendly and is willing to help you. We all join together in the midst of a crisis, professors are willing to meet with you to aide in future assignments and answer questions you have, and many people…are always helping you to network/build connections and help make your overall experience at Mount Union unforgettable.

Mock Burglary Scene

Students in the Criminal Justice major are given the opportunity to use an empty campus house as a mock crime scene for a burglary. The students are supervised, instructed, and assessed by members of the Alliance Police Department (APD). As part of their assessment groups of five students are given 25 minutes to search, mark and collect evidence in a room where a crime as supposedly committed.  Using materials provided by the Criminal Justice program, students were assessed on techniques such as:

  • Dusting and lifting fingerprints
  • Searching for, marking and collecting evidence
  • Photographing a crime scene
  • Using UV light to look for residue from the scene

Mock Breaking and Entering

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