Jewel McColumn '17

Major: Criminal Justice and Sociology
Hometown:Geneva, NY

Everyone is friendly and is willing to help you. We all join together in the midst of a crisis, professors are willing to meet with you to aide in future assignments and answer questions you have, and many people…are always helping you to network/build connections and help make your overall experience at Mount Union unforgettable.

Mock Road Traffic Crash

In conjunction with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, students in the Criminal Justice major at Mount Union are able to gather evidence from a mock Road Traffic Scene that is set up on Mount Union’s campus. Two vehicles involved in real crashes are towed in and students have the opportunity to learn from OSHP Investigation Officers about their roles at the scene, as well as the procedures, techniques and skills they utilize on site. Takeaways included:

  • Lifting fingerprints
  • Analyzing how the crash may have happened
  • Photographing the scene
  • Proper handling of evidence

Mock Traffic Crash

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