Kelsey Coleman '18

Major: Sport Business
Hometown:Rittman, Ohio

I feel very honored to have professors that really want to see me succeed in life and will help me with almost any problem I have. 

Meet the Digital, Written and Oral Communication Studio Consultants

Lead Consultants


Kayla Ashdown
Major: Early Childhood Education
Minor: Psychology

From a young age, I have always enjoyed all forms of both professional and creative writing and have continued that passion throughout my life. I’m so excited to lead consultations at the new and improved DWOC Studio and help students in any stage of the writing, speaking, or digital creation process. Outside of work, you can more than likely find me in meetings for the Student National Education Association or volunteering at local elementary schools, or relaxing with my friends. I highly encourage anyone to stop by or make an appointment and see how our team at the DWOC Studio can help throughout any stage of the creative thinking process!



Alyssa Suffron
Major: Intervention Specialist
Minor: Theater

I love to help clients develop ideas! When it comes to writing, one of my strengths is helping to identify the thesis and key supporting details to make sure an assignment/argument is cohesive. With oral communication, whether you are trying to make your PowerPoint more effective, outline a full speech from your initial topic, or are just having a hard time transitioning between ideas, I would love to help you polish and expand your work. This year I am looking forward to assisting students with the WOC portfolio and ePortfolio!  After hours, if I’m not at an event for Greek life or at a rehearsal for theater, my free time is spent on Netflix and snow skiing when the weather allows. Stop by the Studio or make an appointment online- I look forward to working with you!



Athletic Liaisons


Jenna Snider
Major: Public Relations
Minor: German

Hello! I’m second-year consultant and Athletic Liaison. I enjoy writing and assisting in all stages of the writing process, but my favorite is working with word variation, sentence flow, and organization. I have had the most experience working with creative writing, public speaking and communication-oriented projects, but I have also worked with lab reports, cover letters and resumes. Along with writing and speaking, I also have some experience with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. When I’m not in the DWOC Studio, I can be found on the lacrosse field, volunteering with my sorority sisters or grabbing a cup of coffee and checking out social media. I’m very outgoing and friendly and would love to assist you!



Tyler Moore
Major: English and AYA Education

My interest in the writing and speaking process goes hand in hand with my passion for reading. That is why I decided to major in English here at Mount Union. Some of my favorite books include East of Eden by John Steinbeck and The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy. I am a member of the varsity swimming and diving team here at Mount. As one of the DWOC Studio’s new Athletic Liaisons, I hope to inform more athletes about the benefits of making an appointment with us and encourage them to do so! A piece of writing has appeal when the author’s voice resonates throughout. My favorite part of assisting clients at the DWOC Studio is helping them find their own unique voice in writing and speaking. Navigating sentence structure and grammar rules while you search for your voice can be intimidating, but I love the process. I encourage anyone looking for some extra help to schedule an appointment with me.



Technology Lead


Dylan Householder
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Web Design

Hello, my name is Dylan Householder and I’m definitely a human being. I am a junior majoring in computer science and minoring in web design. I can help with any stage in the writing process, resumes, research papers, citations, speaking and a lot more. I run and host my own website. I’m very good with digital projects as well, like Audacity sound editing, video editing from Windows Movie Maker to Sony Vegas, and I’m fluent with many other programs from Publisher to Photoshop. If you need help with making a presentation, I can help from deciding to use Prezi, PowerPoint or any other presentation software, to practicing the whole thing. When I’m not at the DWOC Studio, you can normally find me at a computer in KHIC, reading an online article, listening to a podcast, or watching YouTube. Come see me anytime.



English Language Learner Coordinator

Gabriella Pishotti
Majors: English and Writing
Minor: Japanese

I love assisting with any stage of the writing process, especially in areas such as outlining, brainstorming, and building arguments. I have had experience working on research papers and creative writing, as well as cover letters and resumes. A nervous public speaker myself, I understand the anxiety that usually accompanies presentations, and I love helping other students work past this common fear and become more comfortable and confident with their own presentations and speeches. Besides writing, you will usually find me with my nose in a book or attempting to recreate my latest find on Pinterest. Please feel free to stop in and see me - I'd love to help you out in any way possible!





Daniel Pritchard
Major: Biology
Minors: Chemistry and Psychology

I plan to attend physician assistant graduate school next year. Due to my major, I am very familiar with the format of biology and chemistry lab reports, and I have a lot of experience with organizing lab reports and planning how to best use evidence or incorporate findings throughout.  Additionally, I have experience with MLA and APA styles. Although I am a science major, I nearly studied writing, so I genuinely enjoy the process and helping people with writing projects. I love to run and am very involved with my fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon, along with Student Senate. I am very friendly so feel free to stop on by with whatever you need help with.



Abbey Schlanz
Majors: English and Writing

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was ten years old. I enjoy everything from creative writing to more technical pieces, and I love helping others polish their own writing as well. Whether it’s brainstorming, organizing ideas, or tweaking sentence flow and structure, I look forward to helping the writing process along. I also love making snazzy, professional PowerPoint presentations, and as a nervous public speaker, I have quite a few tips that can make presentations a lot less intimidating and a lot more fun. I’m also fairly experienced with Photoshop and iMovie, so if you need any assistance with those programs, I would be more than happy to help! When I’m not at the DWOC Studio, you can find me at Calliope and English Society meetings, where I have executive positions, or (quite literally) running around campus.



Kelsey Shewbridge
Major: English
Minor: Writing

Writing essays can be a bit of a doozy, but through my years at Mount Union, I’ve developed a passion for the process. Stringing together ideas, facts, and evidence to help build a well-constructed essay is what I do best. Oral presentations are a staple in every class, and over the years I’ve learned some tricks of the trade; I'd be more than happy to help you organize and prepare. The processes of writing and speaking involve attention to fine-tuning, and whether it’s developing your message or brushing up on grammar and punctuation, you can find help from me in the DWOC Studio.  Otherwise, I'm all around campus playing lacrosse, editing our school newspaper, "The Dynamo," and getting all of my work done in KHIC.



Clare Byrne
Majors: Communication and Psychology

I mainly specialize in career writing; I’ve spent countless hours researching and writing résumésand cover letters. I also have years of experience in speech writing and effectively delivering the proper message through verbal communication. I currently serve as the Editor-in-Chief of The Dynamo, a member of the Panhellenic Council and you may have even met me at Preview over the summer. You’ll often find me reading, spending time outside or planning my next adventure. Whether it’s assistance with editing, building up courage for that big presentation or preparing a portfolio and resume for a successful career, I would love to help!



Garrett Graber
Major: Economics and English
Minor: Political Science

Hello, all! On campus, I am heavily involved in English Society and Model United Nations serving as their Presidents. I also serve as Treasurer of Calliope and the Student Senate Representative of College Republicans. When not at school, you can find me hiking, working at Speedway, reading, or at home lounging with my two French bulldogs. Being primarily involved in the humanities, I have learned how to make my writing concise, argumentative, and organized when writing on various subjects ranging from the subtexts in novels to the economic implications of raising the minimum wage. As an avid reader and writer in progress, I enjoy helping with every step of the writing process. So please, come by and say hi! I look forward to learning from you.



Alyson Saracco
Major: English
Minor: Adolescent to Young Adult Education

What I’m most passionate about is reading and writing fiction, but I’ve really come to enjoy writing research papers as well. My favorite part of the writing process is after you’ve gotten your first rough draft out on paper, because that’s when you can start making creative choices about how you want to present that information, and that’s the fun part! Because I’ve struggled with speech anxiety, I know how it feels to be uncomfortable speaking in front of others, but I also know some tricks to help overcome it. I hope to show students how fun and rewarding the writing and speaking process can be, so stop by and see me!



Matt Gorman
Major: Writing

Hi! Writing has always been one of my passions in all of its forms and stages. I personally enjoy writing poetry the best, but any genre of writing can be fun as well. From brainstorming and organization, to the first-draft writing, all the way to the end polished copy, my goal as a consultant is to help students become more comfortable with the writing process and to leave their sessions feeling confident in what they have produced. I also enjoy talking – a lot. I hope you come by the DWOC Studio if you need assistance with an oral presentation assignment because I’d be more than glad to help with that too! When I’m not at the Studio, I can be found in the choir room, the Office of Marketing, probably more than likely the Caf, or on the third floor of KHIC looking out at the Academic Mall while reading or writing barefoot.



Andrea Edwards
Majors: Physics and Writing
Minors: Math and Chemistry

I’d like my future career to be very lab- and research-based, although I’d also like to dive into the pool of science writing. Don’t be fooled by my previous statements, however, I love to read and write! I am an avid fan of fiction (Harry Potter and anything JD Salinger to be brief), but I enjoy reading and discussing just about anything. My favorite part of any written and oral presentation is style and voice because that’s what keeps each assignment interesting, engaging and alive. I’ve taken a wide range of all the integrative core classes at Mount Union, but I especially favor the sciences and lab reports!



Lauren Reihl
Major: Public Relations
Minors: Psychology, Sociology and Business Administration

This will be my second year working as a consultant and am very excited about our new space! I am familiar with a variety of writing styles and am able to help with everything from press releases to creative writing to business projects. I am comfortable helping with any stage of the writing or speaking process, but I especially love helping students add creativity to their papers and speeches. I have a basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. Outside of the DWOC Studio, I hold several leadership positions on campus, serving as the Vice President of P.R. and Marketing for Alpha Chi Omega and President of the Public Relations Student Society of America.





Danielle Cordaro
Assistant Professor of English

My goal is to make the DWOC Studio the best service it can possibly be for Mount Union’s community. Last year, students working in the Center for Writing and Oral Communication helped me to plan the DWOC Studio’s new spaces and pedagogies. I am proud of the effort we have made to transform our center into a place where students can get help with a variety of communication projects relevant to Mount Union’s curriculum and literacy in the 21st century. Please feel free to schedule a visit to our center by contacting me directly at 330-238-0383.


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