Cyber Seniors Connects Senior Students with College Students to Learn Computer Skills

April 05, 2010

Mount Union College served as the host site for ExperienceSeniorPower (ESP). This program, made possible by a federal appropriation sponsored by Congressman Ralph Regula for Cyber Seniors and ESP, is designed to teach computer skills to senior citizens who have little or no experience with computers.


'The response to the sessions we offered was amazing,' said Shana Blazer Hurby, coordinator of community service and service learning. 'We filled up immediately and had a lengthy waiting list.'

Mount Union students volunteered to assist the Cyber Seniors in developing basic computer skills.

Lessons covered Microsoft Windows, Word and Excel; keyboard use and computer terminology; e-mail; scanning and uploading photos; internet introduction; utilizing on-line forums; personalization and sending eGreeting cards and internet safety tips.

In a survey taken by the participants, the majority felt the sessions greatly helped them to gain the basic computer skills needed to not only do standard things such as using Word to write a letter, but also how to use the computer for entertainment such as surfing the net and playing games.

'The students were so nice and helpful,' said one senior student. 'It was a great experience.'

Basic computer skills were not the only aim of this class. It also aimed to build better relationships between younger people and senior citizens.

'It was a lot of fun to get to help out and interact with everyone,' said C.J. Checkelsky, a freshman of Big Prairie. 'I made new friends and learned new computer skills by helping others.'

More sessions are being planned for the future at the College.

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