Dan Goswick ‘15

Major: Marketing
Hometown: Amherst, Ohio

Future Advertiser

Member of Raider Relief, Alpha Phi Omega, American Marketing Association, WRMU, Alpha Lambda Delta, marching band and the Regula Center


A Surprising Visit
A friend of mine actually told me about Mount Union. He said he’d visited it and loved it. I rolled my eyes at him because I was all but committed to Baldwin Wallace, but to make him shut up, I visited. I fell in love with the campus and school at first sight and haven’t looked back since.

A Fresh Start
I chose Mount Union for a few reasons. First, the business program was one of the best that I saw. The University offered me a scholarship for band, and it was a decent distance away from home where I could really start fresh, but still close enough where if I had to rush home for something I could.

Small Size
I love Mount Union’s size. I knew coming out of high school I wanted to go to a small university. I really like knowing the professors on a first-name basis and walking to class and seeing five to 10 people I know, just in a short distance. There’s a much stronger bond between students at small schools.

Favorite Places
The Campus Lakes and the Engineering and Business Building (EBB) study room are in a tie for my favorite place on campus. The lakes are calming and very beautiful, but I love the EBB study room because not a lot of people know about it. It’s usually really quiet, and I can get a lot done. Plus, I like the modern feel of it.

A Special Kind of Students
The students definitely set Mount Union apart from other colleges and universities. It was something I noticed the first time I was on campus, how inherently nice everyone was by doing the littlest things. Smiling, holding doors, saying hi—it was great to see young kids caring for others more than for themselves.

Getting Involved
I never got involved in community service in high school and had no plans to do so in college. It wasn’t until my roommate and best friend came home from an Alpha Phi Omega service project that I became interested. The smile he wore was one I didn’t see from him very often, and he told me for about two weeks how great it was. I joined the next semester and learned that doing helpful things is addicting. Once you get a taste of that feeling you get from helping others, you can’t help but keep doing it. That then drove me to join Raider Relief, work with the Regula Center and more.

Hands-On Experience
When I went to Thailand in the summer of 2012 to study abroad, I had the opportunity to partner with Clean the World. They were looking to do their first international expansion, and we were in charge of the feasibility study. During those six weeks we did market research, had meetings with real estate agents and legal firms and did a lot of other work. It was really cool to be on the other side of the world getting that much hands-on experience.

Marketing Principles
Marketing Principles was my first marketing-heavy class, so learning about all the different aspects of marketing was a lot of fun. Plus, for our final project we had to make up a marketing plan to partner any product with Project(RED). My group chose Volkswagen and our final project was the winning presentation.

Favorite Professor
Hands down, Mark McConnell, assistant professor of marketing, is my favorite professor. For the amount of time I spend in his office, I should just have my own desk in there too. He took me under his wing my freshman year and convinced me to do many things I would have never imagined I could do. He convinced me to study abroad in Thailand and that experience alone, along with him being on the trip with us, was amazing. He got me involved with Raider Relief, which I ended up becoming project leader for, and he’s taught me a lot about marketing and life in general. I really can’t thank him enough for everything he’s done for me.

Career Goals
First and foremost, I want to be a great husband and dad someday. Career-wise, I really want to get into the advertising side of marketing. Hopefully, somewhere I can interact with people on a daily basis, travel a lot and be able to create things so that I can walk down the road and see someone wearing a logo I made or see a commercial I worked on. I want to be in a position where I wake up every morning excited to go into work.

Dan Goswick ‘15

The students definitely set Mount Union apart from other colleges and universities. It was something I noticed the first time I was on campus, how inherently nice everyone was by doing the littlest things

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