Danielle Tucker Awarded Environmental Scholarship by Ohio EPA

August 25, 2008

tuckerdanielleDanielle Tucker, a senior biology major of Alliance, has been awarded an environmental scholarship administered by the Ohio Academy of Science and funded by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

According to Ohio EPA director Chris Koleski, “These fields not only offer many job opportunities, but are critical training areas for Ohioans to cultivate a strong work force that can advance environmental technology fields and help build Ohio’s economy.”  These scholarships serve as motivators for the recipients and, by rewarding their dedication and effort, increase their opportunities in the environmental fields.
In order to apply for this scholarship, Tucker had to answer questions relating to why she is working towards a career in environmental science and what she is doing presently to contribute to her field and gain more knowledge in the area. 

After a five-year break from college, Tucker became a part-time student at Mount Union. Beginning this year, Tucker will become a full-time student.  She thoroughly enjoys being exposed all of the many different experiences, thought processes and people that a college education affords her.

According to Dr. Charles McClaugherty, professor of biology, the Dr. John D. Brumbaugh chair of environmental and ecological sciences and director of the Brumbaugh Center for Environmental Science, “Danielle manages to juggle the responsibilities of raising a daughter and working a full-time job with her college courses, and she is actively involved on campus as well. She is proactive in environmental issues and shows a high level of maturity through seeking out the counsel of others. She wants to make certain things are done right and is a worthy recipient of this scholarship.”

Tucker is involved in both Students for Environmental Awareness (SEA) and the sustainability task force on Mount Union’s campus. She has also volunteered at the Nature Center and helped to build a playground for children. 

During her summer internship with EnviroScience, Inc. in Stow, Tucker had the opportunity to work on a new and increasingly successful project.  EnviroScience has been working on the battle against an invasive aquatic weed known as Eurasian water milfoil, that has spread quickly and uninvited throughout North America.  Tucker explained that this project does not use chemicals, but rather cultures an aquatic beetle to eat through and defeat the weed.    

Environmental science has become a growing and necessary field of study in today's society.  Tucker chose to pursue this career because she enjoys being outside and is opposed to the use of chemicals whenever possible. 

Tucker explained, “Our world is losing natural resources faster than they are being replenished.  If we plan things well enough, there are ways for this to be avoided.”  Tucker wants to do her part to create a more stable environment for future generations.

This scholarship will provide her with many opportunities that will help her be successful in her field and therefore make valuable contributions to society.  She is thankful for the Ohio EPA’s recognition of her work ethic and potential.

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