Desiree Erchick '17

Major: Japanese and French
Hometown:Alliance, OH

Mount Union provides wonderful opportunities to experience the world around you, whether it's studying abroad, spring break trips or volunteering in different communities.

David Constas '13

Live in the Japanese Theme House

This year I had the privilege of joining the Japanese Language and Culture Theme House. My housemates and I share a common interest in the culture and language of Japan along with a community spirit that has brought us together. We welcome Japanese majors and minors, as well as non majors that have an interest in living with us. The Japanese Theme House has been around for over five years and we have a Japanese themed event every semester. In Fall we have our Otsukimi or Moon Viewing party complete with Halloween costume contest and karaoke. In Spring we have our Hanami or Flower Viewing party where we celebrate spring with Japanese food, music, and games.

For me as a Japanese major living in the company of other majors is a huge advantage. I can consult with those higher in skill than me and I can also help those who are below me. Because we can use each other to study we all can become more proficient in the language we love. We come together to work on more than just Japanese though. I oftentimes can find a housemate who has taken a class before me and can offer insight into a problem I may be having. To me this kind of campus life is the best. I live, study, and laugh with my closest friends.


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