David Hellstrom Speaks to Students About Making Healthy Choices

June 01, 2010


David Hellstrom, director of education and training for the BACCHUS and GAMMA Peer Education Network presented "The Real Buzz" at convocation in the Mount Union College Theatre on October 7.




With inspiration and energy, Hellstrom talked about the importance of good decision-making, being the best person you can be and getting the things you want out of life. He also talked about making healthy and educated decisions concerning alcohol use and sexual activity.

He offered statistical evidence that showed most college and university students are making healthy decisions that are positively affecting their lives. Over half of the students surveyed who choose to drink do so in moderation and students who choose to be sexually active take all necessary precautions.

"There is a gap between what people believe is happening on college campuses and what really is going on," Hellstrom said. "Not everybody is drinking heavily and making poor decisions. Its important that young people don't feel like they are the only ones who make alternative decisions on these campuses."

Hellstrom was very passionate about students making great decisions that would bring them "positive returns." "Its very important that you trust yourself. Don't let others make decisions for you. Its your life," he said.

Hellstrom is a health educator who has conducted training at over 300 campuses since 1990.

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