Matt Gorman '16

Major: English and Writing
Hometown:Hartville, OH

Combining a liberal arts education with professional preparation is a way for someone to be knowledgeable about a variety of things and not just one particular area.

Library Departmental Directory

Director: Robert Garland, 330-823-3847,

Secretary: Anastasia Guiler, 330-823-3844,

Acquisitions: Robert Garland, 330-823-3847,

Cataloging: Cynthia Cirone, 330-829-6642,

Circulation: Gina Maida, 330-823-4140,

Circulation Desk: 330-823-3890

Government Documents: Cheryl Paine, 330-823-3842,

Historical/Archives: Alan Zahorsky, 330-823-3979,

Interlibrary Loan: Christine Cochran, 330-829-6659,

Instruction: Alan Zahorsky, 330-823-3979,

Reference: 330-823-3795 OR 330-257-5742 (includes texting),

Reserves: Sandra Antonasanti

Periodicals: Rebekah Bosler, 330-829-8705,

Curriculum Resource Center: Linda Scott, 330-823-3686,

Sturgeon Music Library: Amanda Dutter, 330-829-6505,

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