Morgyn Miller ‘18

Major: NSFIA
Hometown:Barberton, Ohio

Mount Union professors really make an effort to get to know their students and build relationships with them.

Deposit to Card

Purple Plus Card

The new GET program can be used to view deposits and transactions to student Purple Plu$ ID cards. The card office now offers a free mobile application that can be downloaded to most phones, tablets or ipads. When downloading the mobile app, please search for GET Mobile. The new program is also available via the GET website on your computer. Students new to the GET program must register as a new user before the features of the program can be utilized.

In order for students to make web deposits to their University of Mount Union ID card, they must have an established Purple Plu$ debit account with the Card Office. Most students have already registered for a debit account during summer preview sessions but if you have not already established a Purple Plus account, please visit the Campus Card Office in HPCC to sign up for the plan.

You may deposit money into your debit account in a variety of ways:

  1. Students can use the online web link (change the link to this to view deposits and transactions using the program GET. First time users of the GET program will have to create an account by signing up for the program. We accept web deposits from Master Card, Visa and Discover.  
  2. Parents – Your student can share their account information with you but the account does belong to the student with their university ID number and university email address. Parents are not permitted to establish their own GET account but you do have the option to deposit to your student’s debit account by using the “Guest Deposit” option on your computer or in your browser on your tablet, phone or ipad. Please see this site for the new program. Please note that the guest deposit feature is not available on the mobile app.
  3. Mail your check to the Business Office using the Deposit Form.
  4. Bring your money to the Business Office in Beeghly Hall during normal business hours.
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