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I love everything about Mount. I think that the atmosphere is what I like most. The teachers care about you, they know who you are and actually talk to you. I have met some of my best friends since being here.

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Current Student Spotlight:
Derek Frye '15

Hometown:Tallmadge, OH

Major:Health and Physical Education

Future Athletic Director and Coach

Minor: Multiage Education

Member of the Mount Union Baseball Team, Relay for Life captain and event coordinator for SHAPE


Finding Mount
I was in a baseball tournament and the Mount Union coaches talked to me after one of my games. I then researched more about Mount to see exactly where it was and how the team was. After talking with the coaches for a while, I went on a visit and fell in love with the school. I thought the campus was great and all the people were extremely nice. I am not a person that likes the big schools, and when I came here on my visit I saw how perfect it was for me. I live with my grandparents and being close to them and still being able to help them was a factor, also.

I love everything about Mount. I think that the atmosphere is what I like most. The teachers care about you, they know who you are and actually talk to you. I have met some of my best friends since being here.

Favorite Campus Spot
I love everything about the baseball field. It is like my second home and I am so thankful to keep playing the sport I love. Mount has a beautiful campus and it is hard choosing just one thing that is great.   

Standing Out
The difference between Mount and other colleges and universities is that we are small. From the teachers to the students, everything is great and well organized. Mount is also turning into a sports powerhouse, and it’s great seeing every team succeed. Not every school can say how great their sports teams are and how well the academics are, too.

Preparing for Success
Mount is doing a great job for preparing me for success after graduation. The teachers actually help with and explain the real world and how it is going to be for us as teachers. Mount has us do observation hours and see how classrooms actually run. They don’t just throw us in there to teach, but they help us step by step to become the best we can and they push us to do that. I think the benefit of combining liberal arts and professional preparation is that students get out of their comfort zones and have to do something they are not used to. You never know what you might fall in love with if you never try.

Choosing a Major
I chose health and physical education as my major because I think there is a problem with our society today. I want to become an educator to help frame the minds of students for the better.

Gaining Experience
My favorite hands-on experience is a tie between two things. The first was going to Kalahari and actually learning from teachers and seeing how to incorporate different classes into physical education. The second would probably be freshman year when I was first placed in a school. I had a blast helping and teaching the students. Actually watching the students succeed and finally get what they were learning was such a thrill, and it reassured me that I am doing what I love and I belong in the field I am in.

Favorite Class
My favorite class so far has been my sexuality class. People might think it is strange, but I will have to teach my students about these topics one day. Yes, the class is a blast and we have fun, but I am learning more from it than any other class. Talking about sex is always awkward, and here I am learning how to have this conversation with students and my peers.

Favorite Professor
My favorite professor is Bruce Pietz. He has always found ways to challenge me and push me to do my best. He understands how to relate to his students, and make learning fun and interesting. He does a great job doing what he does and I hope one day I can be as great as he is.

Future Goals
My ultimate career dream is to become an athletic director and coach for a college one day. First I have to start small and get my degree. So far, I am reaching my small goals that are building up to my ultimate goal.

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