Nathan Lorah '16

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown:East Liverpool, Ohio

I learned how to take initiative as a leader as I worked with a group of my peers to write a detailed report on constructing a windmill. Constructing the windmill and watching it work to produce energy was a rewarding experience.

University Directory

Communication Department

  1. Jamie Capuzza
    Professor, Communication, Chair of the Department of Communication and Coordinator of Gender Studies Program Communication Department , Gender Studies Program , Interdisciplinary and Liberal Studies KHIC 215 (330) 823-3862
  2. William Coleman
    Professor Emeritus, Communication Communication Department No campus phone
  3. Lenny Cooper
    Associate Professor, Communication, Program Director, Interactive Media Communication Department , Interactive Media KHIC 212 (330) 823-2143
  4. Andrea Ferraro
    Visiting Assistant Professor, Communication Communication Department KHIC 214 (330) 829-6803
  5. Meredith Glick
    Lecturer, Communication Communication Department KHIC 107 (330) 829-6803
  6. Malynnda Johnson
    Assistant Professor, Communication Communication Department KHIC 213 (330) 829-8215
  7. Lynn Riggle
    WRMU Coordinator Communication Department HPCC 103 (330) 823-3777
  8. Karen Teal
    Administrative Assistant Communication Department , Computer Science & Information Systems Dept. , Foreign Languages and Cultures , Sociology and Criminal Justice Department KHIC 018 (330) 829-6504
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