Brett Fortune ‘17

Brett Fortune ‘17

Major: Nursing
Hometown:Wooster, Ohio

I chose to major in nursing because it is a hands-on major that requires lifelong learning. Plus, the opportunity to make a huge impact in someone's life is exciting and meaningful.



As the world moves into the 21st Century, converging social, political and economic forces are driving societies closer together and swiftly moving the world toward a state of interdependency. In such times, people are finding themselves increasingly interacting with individuals from varied and diverse backgrounds. As an educational institution, Mount Union helps students understand diversity in all its manifestations while preparing them for fulfilling lives, meaningful work and responsible citizenship.

At the University, diversity is understood as having both global and national features. Global diversity is the international component of diversity while multiculturalism is the national expression of diversity.

Diversity and the University’s Mission
Issues of diversity at Mount Union are firmly rooted in the University’s mission that reads in part, “Mount Union seeks to prepare students for fulfilling lives, meaningful work and responsible citizenship.”

Preparing students for responsible national and international citizenship necessitates cultivating  mindsets that understand and accept the diversity found throughout the world and within the United States. Students must come to value the connectedness of all people on this planet and appreciate the “inescapable network of mutuality” that binds us all. This is the University’s diversity mission.


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