Dr. Andy Bain Named Director of Mount Union Criminal Justice Studies

May 09, 2017

Dr. Andy BainALLIANCE – Dr. Andy Bain, assistant professor of criminal justice, has been named the director of criminal justice studies at the University of Mount Union.

Bain, a native of the United Kingdom, was hired at the University in 2013 as a member of the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice. Prior to joining Mount Union, Bain worked as the course leader for Criminology with psychology in the University of Portsmouth’s Institute of Criminal Justice Studies.

He earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in criminology and criminal justice from the University of Portsmouth, a post-graduate diploma in psychology from Open University, Milton Keynes, a Master of Science degree in criminal justice studies from University of Portsmouth and a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology/psychology from Southampton University.

At Mount Union, Bain teaches courses in Introduction to Criminal Justice, Research Methods, Law Enforcement, Crime Investigation, Careers in Justice, Custody and Punishment and Gangs & Organized Crime. He was also awarded the 2016 Fredric M. Thrasher Award for Gang Research.

The program offers students a variety of hands-on opportunities to prepare them for careers in the field of criminal justice, including: mock crash scenes and burglaries, a crime investigation office and beginning in the fall of 2017, a course in blood evidence.

“Our students are part of the new direction in criminal justice, offering a more professional and personable service to the community,” Bain said. “This is something that I think we should all be very proud to acknowledge in our students. With them making the decisions in the future, I think we will see great things from them.”

For more information on Mount Union’s criminal justice program, visit mountunion.edu/criminal-justice.

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