Dr. Beck Weathers

Dr. Beck Weathers is a survivor of the tragic 1996 Mount Everest expedition.


On the night of May 10, 1996, a violent storm swept over Mount Everest, buffeting the more than 30 adventurers who were descending from the mountain's summit with heavy snow, subzero cold and hurricane-force winds. Within 24 hours, eight of the climbers were dead. It would become the deadliest day in the history of expeditions on the world's highest mountain.

Among the climbers severely injured by the storm was Weathers, a 49 year old amateur climber who, lying unconscious and exposed on the mountain's icy rocks, had been left for dead 300 yards from his camp.

Miraculously, Weathers awoke the morning after the storm to find himself alive, but barely. Through shear determination and in spite of severe physical difficulties, Weathers managed to reach his camp to the amazement of his fellow climbers.

Weathers, a gifted surgeon, lost his right hand to frostbite, and part of his left hand as well. But though he lost his hands, he has never lost his hope. He has shown incredible courage throughout his ordeal and his positive attitude has inspired many.

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