Dr. Bertrand Landry

Teaching Area(s): French

Title: Assistant Professor of French
Courses Taught:

Initially I wanted to be an English teacher in France. As a part of the curriculum, I spent a year at Clark University as a teaching assistant. I met there the most extraordinary instructor who had such an impact on me and changed my life that I decided to become a French professor in the USA.

Professional Accomplishments
I had the chance and the privilege to present a paper at Oxford University in England. I was so proud to be there and rub shoulders with the most amazing scholars in my field.

Teaching Style
I am very easy-going and laid-back, but I always require the best students can offer me. I have a great sense of humor, and I am very creative. I channel both sense of humor and creativity in my classes. I always include culture when I teach languages, and I try to make French as relevant as possible.

Future Courses
I would like to develop a course of French gastronomy and a course on World War II and the literature of the Resistance. Both courses will be interdisciplinary and encompass a strong dose of culture.

Best Part of Teaching
The best part of teaching is when a student smiles at me and tells me, “I get it.”

Chapman Hall stands out to me because of its history and the rumors about it. Coming from France, I am very sensitive to older buildings and their history.

Teaching Language
I truly value the emphasis put on languages. Mount Union is aware of their importance and gives strong support to my department. I appreciate students interested in them whether they study athletic training, psychology, biology or political science.

Mount Union Grads Stand Out
Mount Union has relevant programs, great faculty members and a sound mission statement. It truly is where exceptional begins, and it will be translated on the work place and will make a Mount Union graduate stand out from the other employees.

Research Interests
French culture, 17th and 18th century literature, letters and memoirs, pedagogy

, English Literature, Université de Bourgogne, France
M.A., French Literature, Miami University
Ph.D., French Language and Literature, Boston University

Dr. Bertrand Landry

The best part of teaching is when a student smiles at me and tells me, “I get it.”

Fun Facts

Favorite Quote or Motto
“Jamais Arrière” (Always forward)
Surprising Fact About Yourself
I don’t smoke, I don’t drink coffee and I do not like most French cheese (and I am French)!
If You Weren’t a Professor
I’d be a chef
Favorite Movie
Le Silence de la Mer (The Silence of the Sea) by Vercors
Hobbies and Interests
I like to cook and travel. There is nothing like discovering new places and cultures and getting to know and understand them.
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