Dr. Charles McClaugherty

Teaching Area(s): Biology

Title: Professor of Biology, Director of the Nature Center and the Dr. John D. Brumbaugh Chair in Environmental and Ecological Sciences
Courses Taught:
Environmental Science, Biology

Growing up in the mountains of southwestern Virginia, I spend as much time as possible outside hiking and camping. My grandmother, who was a school teacher, taught me about nature and I have spent the rest of my life sharing that interest with others.

Teaching Style
There is no single best teaching style. The pedagogy needs to match the level and interest of the students and the nature of the material being taught. The underlying technique in all of my teaching is to keep my own level of interest high. I do this by constantly reworking, evaluating, changing and re-evaluating my teaching. Whenever possible, hands-on, active learning is best.

I have really enjoyed developing, along with my colleagues, the environmental science major at Mount Union. My long-term research has concentrated on carbon cycling in ecosystems. A very different but somewhat related line of work has focused on a survey of breeding birds in Ohio.

Best Part of the Job
My favorite part is observing the academic growth of students. During Commencement, it is so exciting to be reminded of how much students have developed during their time at the University.

Dewald Chapel
My favorite building is Dewald Chapel because it is a place apart.

Mount Union United
Mount Union has a really great group of people gathered together for a common purpose.

Preparing Students
Mount Union balances intense professional development within a discipline with a strong core of liberal arts that focuses on critical thinking and communication skills.

Research Interests
Carbon cycling in ecosystems, breeding birds in Ohio

B.S., Wildlife Ecology and Entomology, Cornell University
M.S., Environmental Science, University of Virginia
Ph.D., Forestry, University of Wisconsin

During Commencement, it is so exciting to be reminded of how much students have developed during their time at the University.

Fun Facts

Favorite Quote or Motto
“No friction, no traction.” This motto means that unless you have some resistance (friction), you cannot make progress or maintain direction (traction). This applies to everything from physical training to academic growth.
If You Weren’t a Professor
I’d be an architect or engineer. They create the infrastructure of our society.
Places to Visit or Things to Do
I would love to visit Madagascar because of the immense and unique biodiversity.
Favorite Movie
Out of Africa is a great story with wonderful actors and outstanding cinematography.
Favorite Book
Usually it is the last book that I’ve finished reading
Hobbies and Interests
I enjoy hiking, canoeing and nature study.
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