Dr. Coleman Explains 'Why Asia Matters' at LINC Luncheon

May 25, 2010

Global power is shifting from the United States and Europe to Asia, making it imperative that citizens of the United States become more informed about what is happening in China, India and Japan, according to Dr. William Coleman who addressed a community audience at Mount Union College Tuesday.

Coleman presented the third session in a series of LINC college-community luncheon/lectures.

Focusing on current events in Asia and focusing primarily on China, Coleman addressed the 'overblown media-contrived issue' of recent recalls. He shared misconceptions and facts and pointed out that it is the global companies that have a presence there rather than the actually country of China that is at fault in most cases.

According to Coleman, Asia (and in particular China) matters because of global impact caused by economic growth and energy consumption due to industrialization, urbanization and motorization throughout the continent in recent years.

'China will soon be the largest English-speaking country in the world,' Coleman said. 'It also has the fastest-growing economy (10% annually) and, not only is it the fourth largest worldwide, it will soon overtake Germany, leaving it third only to Japan and the United States.

'Consequences of economic growth in China include the escalating need for natural resources from around the world and increased energy consumption and the resulting air pollution that has made cancer the leading cause of death in China. In addition, labor issues including dismal wages, exhausting working hours and poor working conditions also plague workers in China with recent attempts by the country for reform being thwarted by the global conglomerates that have a presence there.'

Coleman also shared that Mount Union has instituted an Asian Initiative, designed to educate students on global issues and arm them to be ready for their future in a global economy. Recent steps in the initiative include trips to China and Japan by Coleman and others to strengthen relationships with sister schools and establish internships abroad. As a result, a recent internship program with the Timken Company has been established giving Mount Union students the opportunity to intern in China.

Coleman, assistant to the president for diversity affairs and professor of communication and a member of the Mount Union College faculty since 1979, has been a stalwart of diversity at the College and is currently leading the effort to expand cultural diversity throughout the campus.

LINC (lunch, information, networking and conversation) was established this year to take advantage of the local expertise that exists in Alliance, especially given the College's outstanding academic reputation.

The series is open to the public. Additional sessions will run from on the third Tuesday of February, March and April. The cost for the lunch is $9. A Spring Season pass may be purchased for a total of $25 for all three remaining sessions. The sessions are chaired by Scott Ingledue, chairman of the Board of Directors of Alliance Community Hospital, with comments and updates from President Richard Giese and Harry Paidas, vice president for public affairs and marketing of the College.

For further information or to make a reservation contact Diane Thomas, assistant director of public affairs at (330) 823-6063 or e-mail thomasdl@mountunion.edu.

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