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If You Could Teach Another ClassI would love to teach a philosophy course. Although I don’t have a formal degree for philosophy, it is the one discipline that I read about and study the most in my free time. I’m a natural questioner!

Surprising Fact About YourselfI grew up in a log cabin.

If You Weren’t a ProfessorI’d be an artist, a professional traveler, a writer or a photographer (or all of them).

Places to Visit or Things to DoI’d love to visit remote places in Europe.

Favorite MovieEducation and the Significance of Life by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Hobbies and InterestsCross-country skiing, running, writing, horseback riding, photography, fishing, kayaking, traveling and spending time with friends and family

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University Faculty Spotlight:
Dr. Mandy Geddis Capel

Title: Assistant Professor of Education
Teaches: Early Childhood Education, Educational Leadership

I’ve always loved the process of learning and discovering. I understood from an early age that schools need to replicate democratic ideals of society moving forward instead of a factory model system of the past. After practicing these ideals in the field, I wanted to help others study a different perspective of the educational process and recognize education as a hub for all inter-connections in our social journey. Through teaching, I’ve discovered new ways of conceptualizing our curriculum and pedagogy for these larger democratic purposes of schooling to exist.

Simple Pleasures
It’s the simple things that I’m most proud of, like the transformations in students’ conceptions about education, society and humanity in general.

Teaching Style
My classrooms are inquiry-based learning environments that challenge students to engage in deep and continuing dialogue about education. I believe in exhibiting enthusiasm for creativity, innovation and managed dissent in the classroom.

Educational Leadership
Currently, I am working on a study with a colleague on promoting culturally relevant pedagogy in educational leaders, which is being conducted with our newly-launched Master of Arts in Educational Leadership Program. Through this study, we examine our joint journey of teaching in a hybrid educational leadership graduate program, detailing our challenges and reflections on studying the commitment of students to culturally responsive pedagogy as they learn social justice principles and acquire critical consciousness throughout their graduate journeys.

Best Part of the Job
The best part of my job is exploring educational experiences with my students and working with others across campus for the greater good of the campus community.

My favorite place on campus is the sidewalk.  To me, the sidewalks on campus are where the true spirit of Mount Union exists.

Home Sweet Home
Mount Union is a perfect balance of our emotional and cognitive systems. It is a place where students can feel cared about and intellectually challenged. Mount Union truly is a home away from home.

Mount Union truly fulfills its mission of preparing students for meaningful work, responsible citizenship and fulfilling lives, and graduates are committed to their communities, their families and their personal and professional passions. This is evident in the multiple ways that alumni give back to their campus community.

Research Interests
Democratic education, creativity, leadership, environmental literacy, philosophy for children, early childhood education

B.A., Elementary Education, Mount Union College
M.A., General Education, Marygrove College
Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction, Kent State University

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