Dr. Michael Olin-Hitt Wins First Place SOMERSET Award for Novel “The Homegoing”

December 17, 2015

ALLIANCE, Ohio – Dr. Michael Olin-Hitt, professor of English at the University of Mount Union, celebrates his latest achievement.

Olin-Hitt’s novel, “The Homegoing,”earned first place in the SOMERSET contest for blended fiction. The prize is awarded by Chanticleer Reviews, which sponsors yearly book competitions in multiple genre categories.

The SOMERSET Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works in Literary and Blended Genre Fiction.

“The contest is a nice award and it validates that the novel stands against other novels, so that’s an affirmation,” Olin-Hitt said. “I wrote the novel to be read and if this allows the novel to get a little more readership, then that’s exciting – more exciting than the award itself.”

The novel takes readers back in time to rural Appalachian America to uncover what happened the day young Hannah Marshal died in Laurel Creek in 1937.

“The novel is a mystery, but to me, the solving of the mystery is of secondary importance; what’s important is the transformation of the main character, Ruth,” Olin-Hitt said. “That’s why the novel won the blended literary category. It has the plot-driven mystery of popular fiction with the character development of literary fiction.” 

“A lot of the story is about finding your own truth and your own way,” Olin-Hitt added.

Debra Leigh Scott, author of “Other Likely Stories,”praises the novel in her review from The New York Journal of Books. She says, “[Olin-Hitt] writes...with a genuine love and compassion. In ‘The Homegoing’we enter this world as outsiders, but through Michael Olin-Hitt’s tender revelations we experience a sense of coming home."

Along with working on a second novel, Olin-Hitt contributed to the creation of “Braided Way”a literary magazine that encourages spiritual development through articles published on a variety of topics within the realm of spirituality.

“The Homegoing” was published in 2012 by Bottom Dog Press. To purchase, visit: http://www.amazon.com/The-Homegoing-Michael-Olin-Hitt/dp/1933964588

To explore the Braided Way, visit: http://braidedway.org/.


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