Morgan Cmunt

Morgan Cmunt '18

Major: Criminal Justice/Sociology
Hometown:Lordstown, Ohio

Come in with an open mind, open heart, and a love for the color purple.

Dr. Naoko Oyabu-Mathis

Dr. Naoko Oyabu-Mathis, a native of Hiroshima, Japan, earned a bachelor of arts degree in sociology from Mount Union in 1980. She was a recipient of the Yoshino Murakami 'Peace' Scholarship. She earned a master of arts degree in 1985 and a doctoral degree in 1988, both in sociology from the University of Akron. She joined the faculty in 1988, and was named Mount Union’s Great Teacher in 2002.

While she was writing her doctoral dissertation, she began studying elder care. It has remained an interest of hers over the years, and it’s a topic of which she has spoken on at several conferences, specifically Japanese and American care for the elders. At Mount Union, Oyabu-Mathis teaches Introduction to Sociology, Courtship and Marriage, Social Gerontology, Data Analysis in Social Science, Medical Sociology, American Family and Intercultural Communication.

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