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If You Weren’t a ProfessorI would like to be on the Brazilian World Cup team (wishful thinking!)

Places to Visit or Things to DoI would like to sample foods from all cultures (obviously not going to happen in my lifetime, but would like to put a dent into it). I also would like to visit India.

Surprising Fact About YourselfI like to cook, when I have the time.

Hobbies and InterestsLove to watch Penn State football, travel, listen to music and just kick back and talk to students.

Favorite MovieThe Godfather (all of them)

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University Faculty Spotlight:
Dr. Osama Jadaan

Title: Chair of the Department of Engineering and Professor of Civil and Mechanical Engineering,
Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

About Dr. Jadaan
Dr. Jadaan is an expert in structural mechanics, fracture mechanics, probabilistic design, reliability, finite element analysis, design against mechanical failure and simulation of MEMS. His research, which he developed in collaboration with colleagues at NASA and the Department of Energy, focuses on probabilistic design methods of structural ceramics. He consulted and worked for companies including John Deere, Caterpillar and FMC Technologies. He was a faculty member for 23 years at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, including five years as department chair. He holds a Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics and B.S. degree in Civil Engineering, both from Penn State.

Dr. Jadaan’s research activities are diverse ranging from Mechanical Reliability of Integrated Chips and MicroelectroMechanical systems and Probabilistic Design and Life Prediction of Dental Prostheses, to Fatigue Assessment via Digital Prototyping and High Velocity Impact Damage of Composite Materials, among others.

When Dr. Jadaan started working at UMU in July 2013, he brought an NIH funded grant with him. The grant is led by Dr. Anusavice from the University of Florida. Dr. Jadaan’s research focuses on applying probabilistic design technologies developed by him and his colleagues at the NASA Glenn Research Center to develop all-ceramic dental prostheses that are more reliable and last longer. Advanced ceramic materials like zirconia and alumina are used for dental bridges and crowns because of their esthetics and biocompatibility. However, since these materials are brittle and because the prostheses are constructed using multilayers of different materials with different properties, their design becomes a challenge requiring probabilistic methods rather than the traditional deterministic design methods. Dr. Jadaan is advising a mechanical engineering student, Glenn Hatala, to assist in constructing CAD solid models and performing stress analyses using finite element simulations. 

Challenging and Noble Profession
Engineering is a noble profession. It is also a challenging one that gives practitioners the opportunity to work on very exciting projects to solve societal problems and make our lives better. It is the profession that will clean the environment, get us deeper into space, improve health care and develop cool devices like Apple iPhones and gaming systems. I wanted to be part of this exciting team, which is why I chose this profession.

Professional Accomplishments
One of my proudest professional accomplishments is that I worked with team of engineers at NASA to develop the theory and software used to design mechanical systems made of advanced materials. This software is currently used worldwide by engineers to design diverse systems ranging from electronics to engine components. 

Keeping Students Engaged
I use the three-pronged approach to teach engineering concepts. First, I teach engineering fundamentals using real-world examples. Second, I have the students use engineering software to analyze and design engineering systems to verify what they learned in class. And, lastly, I have the students get their hands dirty by testing, building and breaking engineering systems in the lab or in the field.

Top Ranked University
From an engineering standpoint, the small classes at Mount Union mean quality engineering education. It translates into intense hands-on education with a strong bond between the engineering faculty and their students. Also, with Mount Union being a highly-ranked university with an outstanding liberal arts foundation, our students graduate to be effective communicators making them the leaders of tomorrow.

Preparing Future Engineers
Engineers are in high demand and placement rate in the industry (or graduate school) is high. At Mount Union, we keep our curriculum up to date with the rapidly changing world of engineering. We also stay in touch with the industry through our Industrial Advisory Board. In addition, we focus on hands-on education and graduating effective communicators.

Meaningful Research
I am currently involved in a National Institute of Health grant in which we are using the theory and software we developed at NASA to design more reliable dental prostheses. On Mount Union’s campus, the engineering faculty and I are collaborating to create a civil and mechanical engineering curricula geared for the future that addresses industrial needs. Our engineering curricula emphasizes two main things that industry wants: hands-on education and the ability to communicate effectively.

Favorite Spaces
I like the Engineering and Business Building, which is where I work, simply because I spend most of my time here. But my favorite place on campus is the Campus Lakes, which I find very beautiful and relaxing.

Regularly Taught Courses
Mechanics of Materials, Statics and Dynamics, Design Against Mechanical Failure and Structural Mechanics

Ph.D., Engineering Mechanics, The Pennsylvania State University
M.Eng., Civil (Structural) Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University
B.S., Civil Engineering,The Pennsylvania State University

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