Dr. Rich Allen Presents ?Impact Teaching? Workshop at Mount Union

April 06, 2010

'Impact Teaching' was the subject of the Teacher Education Workshop on Saturday, November 12 presented by Dr. Rich Allen.


Allen, who spoke regarding his book which carries the same title, focused upon integrating music in the classroom, keeping student interest level high by using many transitions and led a memory enhancement activity.

Allen urged students who are a part of the Teacher Education program to 'teach at the crest of the wave.' According to Allen, 'If a teacher is not careful he or she may lose the students before they can even recognize what is happening. By keeping students engaged in the subject matter and having the awareness to be able to recognize when you may be losing their attention, you will be able to implement transitions and bring the focus back to the lesson.'

Along with the importance placed on transitions in the classroom, Allen also encouraged the use of music whenever possible. His inclusion of the iPod in his presentation illustrated his philosophy on the entertainment value, effectiveness and mood altering power that music holds.

Allen concluded the workshop by teaching a memory enhancement tool that uses 'memory pegs' to enhance performance in the classroom.

'The workshop proved to be highly informative and interactive,' said Lindsey Buckel, a senior early childhood education major at Mount Union.

Dr. Allen's books and materials are available at www.impactlearn.com.

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