Dr. Thomas Carr

Title: Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Teaches: Religious Studies, Philosophy

I grew up in a pastor’s home so I’ve always been interested in faith, the Bible, church history and theology. In graduate school, I became very interested in philosophy as well and pursued that field in my doctorate. Today my research and career interests are fueled by my love for Jesus and concern for His world.

Professional Accomplishments
I am blessed to have had some truly amazing educational experiences. I’ve been even more blessed by my teaching experiences here at Mount Union.

Teaching Style
In my classes I do a fair amount of lecturing, but I also like to throw out questions to get students involved. I love learning what students think about the issues we discuss.

The Supernatural
I launched a new course, Signs and Wonders, two years ago. This was in response to the current revival of supernatural Christian faith, which has also greatly impacted my own faith. This course takes a close look at some of the amazing things happening both here at home and around the world; things like instant healing through prayer, the dead coming back to life and supernatural conversion experiences.

Best Part of the Job
I really enjoy working with students. I enjoy their energy, questions and excitement about the lives ahead of them. It is a blessing to help them establish ways of understanding who they are and what life is about.

Favorite Buildings
I like the new Engineering and Business Building, the Kolenbrander-Harter Information Center (library) and B&B Café.

A Great Campus
I think we have one of the prettiest campuses and one of the healthiest communities of all our peer institutions. There is so little workplace tension here, and the professors by and large really like working with students.

Research Interests
Christian epistemology, intelligent design, the scientific measurement of the effects of prayer, near-death experiences.

B.A., Biology, Williamette University
M.Div., History of Christianity, Princeton Theological Seminary
M.Phil., Theology and Philosophy, Oxford University, United Kingdom
Ph.D., Theology and Philosophy, Oxford University, United Kingdom

Fun Facts

If You Could Teach Another Class
The bulk of my family’s income comes from my stock investments. This allows my wife to stay home and educate our kids, which is a huge blessing for us. I would love to teach my students how to do the same for their families.
Favorite Quote or Motto
“With God all things are possible.”
Surprising Fact About Yourself
I give seminars to finance professionals on how to trade stocks.
If You Weren’t a Professor
I’d be a hedge fund manager.
Places to Visit or Things to Do
I want to establish a trust that would provide funding for a number of ministries my family supports (including Frontline Ministries, Heidi Baker and Iris Ministries in Mozambique, an orphanage and home for rescued sex industry workers in India and a pastors’ training center in Ghana).
Favorite Movie
There are several: The Mission, Cinema Paradiso, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Passion, Saving Private Ryan and Gran Torino. Recently the documentary Forks over Knives has revolutionized the way I understand food and diet.
Favorite Book
The Bible … and anything by Bill Johnson.
Hobbies and Interests
My wife and kids!
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