Aubrey Fruchey '18

Major: Early Childhood Education
Hometown:Columbus Grove, Ohio

What I like most about Mount Union are the people… Everyone makes you feel welcome and will go out of their way to introduce themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Digital, Written and Oral Communication Studio

What is the Digital, Written and Oral Communication Studio?

The Digital, Written and Oral Communication Studio, or DWOC Studio, is a place where you can get help with both writing and oral presentation assignments, including assignments for the Integrative Core, the Writing and Oral Communication portfolio and assignments from courses in your major. We can also help you with graduate school application essays, resumes and cover letters.

How do I make an appointment for a writing or oral communication consultation?

It’s easy—just visit our appointment page, register, and click on an open slot on our schedule.

When can I make an appointment to practice an oral presentation?

You can make an appointment to discuss ideas, work on speech outlines, review PowerPoint or Prezi slides or practice an oral presentation in our private consultation room any time we are open.

Can I make an online appointment?

Yes, synchronous, online appointments are available any time we are open. We recommend that you make an online appointment only when it is not possible for you to attend a face-to-face session at our location in the KHIC library. For more on online appointments, please see our Online Appointments page.

What do I need to bring with me to the consultation?

Bring the work you’ve completed so far, a copy of the assignment, and any instructor or peer comments that you may have. You can now upload your paper, assignment and other materials directly to your appointment! See the appointment page for details.

Will the consultants proofread my writing for me?

Proofreading is only one part of making sure that what you write is what you mean. We will help you in completing the task of proofreading, but we won’t do it for you. You need to actively participate in the consultation in order to receive assistance.

I'm required to come to the Digital, Written and Oral Communication Studio. Can I just bring my work in and have it signed by a consultant?

If you are required to come in for a consultation, then you need to come in ready to work for the full session. You can request to have a report of what occurred in the session and what you plan to do after the session sent to your instructor. If you are not comfortable having a report sent to your instructor, but would still like for them to know you came in for a session, please contact the Director.

I haven’t started my assignment because I don’t understand it. Can you help me?

We can help you at any stage of the process, from understanding the assignment to final polishing, so bring in the assignment requirements and we will help you work through them. Ultimately, however, your instructor knows most about what he or she assigned—if you are concerned about whether you are meeting the requirements of the assignment, check with your instructor.

How often can I come into the Digital, Written and Oral Communication Studio?

The usual limit is two hour-long appointments per week, but we typically restrict students to one appointment during the final two weeks of each semester. If you feel you need more appointments than what is normally allowed, contact the Director.

If I come to the Digital, Written and Oral Communication Studio for a consultation, will I get a good grade?

Consultants can guide, support, and encourage you, but they will not evaluate an assignment or speculate about what grade it might earn. Attending one session or even several is not a guarantee that your work will receive a grade that you are satisfied with. If you are concerned about your grade, you should make an appointment to discuss your work with your instructor.

Is every consultant an expert in MLA, APA, Turabian, or Chicago citation style?

Consultants are trained in how to help you find answers to your questions about documentation styles by locating the information in our Citation Quick Guides, on Purdue OWL, or in print style manuals. Some consultants list specific citation styles as areas of expertise in their consultant bios. If you and your consultant are unable to find answers to your questions, the consultant will refer you to a librarian or to your instructor.

I am a graduate student. Can I use the Digital, Written and Oral Communication Studio?

Graduate students are invited to use our physical space in the KHIC to work on digital projects, work at our whiteboard tables and get assistance from our undergraduate consultants. Undergraduate consultants are capable of assisting with general writing and speaking concerns, and with basic digital projects. A graduate consultant with experience assisting education and health sciences graduate students with advanced writing concerns is also available for synchronous, online consultations. 

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