Dr. Xiaoshu Han

Teaching Area(s): Economics

Nobody is left behind; I try to teach the material in a level which fits the most.


Today, almost every business in the United States is international in some manner, and there’s no better time to explore a career in international business and economics at Mount Union.  In this program, you’ll acquire an overall understanding of business organizations and develop a deeper grasp of the special challenges that international operations present.  You’ll explore the impact of politics, different cultures and international diplomacy on the opportunities available to the world’s corporations.

A unique aspect of international business is the need to understand and adapt to the culture and business customs of others.  So, you’ll pair your business studies with a minor in any one of the foreign languages offered at Mount Union and broaden your perspective about other cultures through a study abroad experience, earning at least six credits in an international university.  This educational experience will truly prepare you for a number of rewarding careers.

Ashtabula County Chamber of Commerce

Bowling Green State University

International trade
International economy
Import compliance

92% of Economics majors from the classes of 2010-2014 were able to start a degree-required career or were accepted to graduate school within 6 months of graduation. (from a survey with 87% self-reporting)
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