Eileen Markey Speaks about the Life and Murder of Sister Maura Clarke

February 14, 2017

ALLIANCE, Ohio – Investigative journalist Eileen Markey presented “Sister Maura: Building Justice from the Personal to the Political” on Thursday, February 9 at 7 p.m. in the Myers Sanctuary of the Dewald Chapel. She was the speaker of the 4th Annual Peace Studies Forum and focused on the life and death of Maura Clarke, a Catholic nun who was murdered in El Salvador, but she also highlighted the link between religion and politics.

Markey began her lecture by introducing Clarke and the world in which she lived when she was murdered – El Salvador during the 1980s. She continued on by reading an excerpt from her book, A Radical Faith: the Assassination of Sister Maura, which begins at the end of Sister Clarke’s life. Markey went on to speak about the Civil War taking place in El Salvador and Nicaragua when Clarke was there and everything Clarke did to make sure the people in towns to which she traveled felt the message of God and could worship in a way which made them feel safe.

Markey spoke a lot about Clarke’s early life and how she came to be a nun and travel to El Salvador. Additionally, Markey discussed the ideas of religion and politics being somewhat one and the same. She talked about her ideas about the two issues and how she feels they are often linked because they so often help to shape our realities.

Markey spent a total of five years collecting research and completing her book. During her research process, she spoke to around 200 people all over the world who knew Maura Clarke in some way. When her lecture was over, she opened the room up for discussion about Clarke or her research process. 

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