Elizabeth Galloway-Purcell '18

Major: Music Education
Hometown: Jackson Township, Ohio

Minor: French
Member of Mount Union’s Concert Choir, Cantus Femina, Steel Drum Band, OCMEA (Ohio Collegiate Music Education Association) and Mu Phi Epsilon 

Future Choir Director

Love for Choir
I love that I have the opportunity to have individualized and personal attention due to Mount Union’s small class sizes. Choir is also the main highlight of my days here at Mount Union. The time we spend together in choir allows us to create something beautiful and we experience a closeness through music that is unparalleled by any other subject I have been involved with.

Why Music Education?
I chose Music Education as a major because as a teacher I can be there for my students and I can provide them opportunities to enjoy and build their hearts through music.

Hands on Experience
My favorite opportunity has been teaching lessons through the preparatory division. The students who go through the program are incredibly sweet and genuinely interested in music.

Favorite UMU Professor
My favorite professor is Dr. Cook. Both through choir and choral conducting, Dr. Cook has shaped my vision and idea of what a great teacher and a great leader should be. Dr. Cook is also a big reason as to why I’m here. His work with the choirs was fantastic and I knew he would be a great example to follow for my future career.

Liberal Arts and Integrative Core
Personally, I find that the liberal arts allow for students to grow confident in whom they are and it also allows them to appreciate more than just their own profession. The integrative core has allowed me to take classes that I would never have taken had I not be required to. Through this, I have developed an interest in the field of astronomy. This has helped shape my humanity.

Advice to Incoming Students
Keep your mind open to experience new things and be willing to put your entire self into whatever you do. Here at Mount Union, we have the ability to participate in anything that we set our minds to.

I was awarded the Half Tuition Music Proficiency scholarship and a Founder’s scholarship. This made coming to Mount Union much easier than before. I would have not even considered the University if it weren’t for the scholarships. 

Future High School Choir Director
My ultimate goal after graduation is to become a high school choir director and to then build a program that can provide opportunities for all of my students to grow and experience the arts. I have the ability to have leadership positions in multiple organizations here, which gives me the experience I need in how to present an idea then put it into action.

Elizabeth Galloway-Purcell

I love that I have the opportunity to have individualized and personal attention due to Mount Union’s small class sizes.

Fun Facts

What's your favorite holiday?
Christmas because there is a love for humanity that I feel on any average day is lacking.
What is your favorite quote?
"You’re the bomb dot com forward slash awesome” – Dr. Cook
What is your guilty pleasure movie?
I love Star Wars. Any of the Star Wars movies.
What three songs define your music tastes?
"Redeemed” by Big Daddy Weave, “The Lord of the Small” by Dan Forrest, and “Veni, Veni, Emmanuel” by Michael John Trotta
What is your favorite app?
To The Top!